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  • maplecherypie maplecherypie Jan 29, 2014 7:46 AM Flag

    Conspiracy runs deep!! Most likely a slander attempt by a huge short hedge fund

    Most likely this lady was hired by one of ggekko aka false maple's short hedge funds. They pay off the girl to create a wild story and then slander Henry. They know if we lose Henry then Entropic is hurt.

    You dont think stuff like this happens? It happens every day. The shorts will stop at nothing to bring down share price.

    Joneslarsenben and I spent most of our night looking into this case and it is so fishy. They could make a movie out of this with Tom Cruise playing Henry. He certainly was set up. I cry foul!!!!!!

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    • Great work! The market likes your story. Most likely we rally today. Next time I see you at Applebee's the tip is on me!

    • Thought it was too good to be true. I predicted they'd drag henry out in leg irons but not for this. This isnt what i was thinking.
      Did a lot of research while at Applebee's I see. Do tell.

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      • Well, stockman/joneslarsenben and I believe that this fame seeker was approached by a huge hedge fund manager afer her show was canceled. They offered her millions to approach Henry and start up a relationship. Her job was to find out information about Entropic that could be passed on to rivals or leaked to the media.

        Once Henry proved himself incapable of spilling secrets, they most likely put in place this final end game. He was probably drugged by the girl and then woke up to a torn up cabin wondering what happened. Meanwhile the girl most likely faked the marks or had another accomplish beat her up.

        They basically framed Henry. If you have enough money you can do anything. The payoff? They shorted ENTR yesterday and make millions off the loss from the news story.

        However, joneslarsenben believes that Henry had a Moca adapter hidden in the cabin. This adapter was streaming hi-def video back to Entropic's headquaters (via coax!!). The whole thing was probably caught and stored on a multi room DVR. Thus, his innocense will be proven by Moca. And the stock will rally at the same time the technology goes mainstream!!!!!!!! Watch and learn shorts!!!!!!!

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