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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 May 8, 2008 4:28 PM Flag


    Please read the transcript of the earnings meeting with analysts on May 6. You'll see that the analyst from Lehman positioned himself to make one receommndation and then indicate later he made a mistake, forcing a rise in the price, followed by today's sell-off. This analyst will be going to jail. I have already inquired with a securities attorney in New York how we as shareholders can go after him and Lehman. I think a class action is impending along with a SEC investigation. This time, this guy got caught redhanded.

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    • You are going to try to start a class action lawsuit?

      So you somehow think that because IAR beat estimates by a lousy 2 cents that it should go back to $35. They have no management, because everybody quit. No insider holdings except zero cost options issued to executives. No dividend anymore, because they can't afford it. $9 billion in debt. And no ability to refinance the $9 billion because they are not credit worthy. The analyst was dead on. You should have sold yesterday or today.

      Maybe the shareholders who frequent this message board should sue you for telling them to keep holding the stock. It would be the same reasoning as you proposed lawsuit against this analyst. That would shut your a$$ up, Wouldn't it??!?!?!?!

      Retards like you need to get a new hobby. I love it when some reject loses their ass and want to blame someone else. Why didn't you sell @ $35 or $30 or $25 or $20 or $15 or $10 or $5?????????????????????? Who's fault is that RETARD?


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      • Given the tenor of your post, all I can say is "yo mama!" I bought this stock down at an average of $3.96. I own over 100,000 shares, and could have sold out today with a 200k+ profit. What you posted is EXACTLY what I've been posting for weeks. So here's the deal, moron -- when I get my two-bagger at $8, I'll take my $400k profit and move on to the next set of trades. And maybe, I'll throw two bits (that 25 cents for an idiot like you) towards yo mama so that she can service me. Put her on notice today.

    • Lehman's CFO went on CNBC to ask SEC investigating the rumors from short sellers while their analysts do the same bogus things.
      LEH was near death 1 month ago.