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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 May 23, 2008 3:32 PM Flag

    Just bought 50,000 shares at 3.81

    I now hold 250,000 shares at an average price of 4.04. This stock is seriously oversold. See the following article...

    My target if $7.25, with a gross gain of about $750,000.

    As soon as they hire a new CEO and CFO, the stock will bounce immediately to $5. Solid earnings the next quarter should get me to the $7.25 target by September '08.

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    • I now hold 250,000 shares at an average price of 4.04. This stock is seriously oversold. ""


      Isn't that special. You should have given me that $150000 to hold for you. I wouldn't have charged you much.

    • ciskennedy Jun 14, 2008 7:19 PM Flag

      Silly...fibs, fibs and more fibs! 6/14/08.....

    • INVESTMENT G -- Nice try, the high for day was 3.74 and the low was 3.63 (opened). It was a good stock till the dividend was cut completely, at 3.00 it maybe be a halfway good deal to make a buck - If this was a good operation Verizon would have never cut it loss, cutting the dividend was a big mistake - lower it YES! with computers and 5 other ways of getting a number or infor. THE BOOK is good for a short person to get something from a baby to sit on to reach the table. If the New CEO and alike reinstate the dividend -even .15 that would bring more money back - you should only wish the .34 dividend was still inforced with 50,000 shares. B.S only goes so far. BUY at 3

    • They can't short this stock forever, over 30 million shares short.
      Short Squeeze Ranking -229

    • Well said...

    • I don't believe you...i used to exagerate too...sayin i owned this and are just a regular trader of shares and need to have some reassurance...if you had a million in these shares you'd have no reason to 'disgorge' your 'truth' of that 'fact' to mere strangers as we all are on this oh so anonymous message board! So---give it up---ya have a 'few' shares and i hope ya do okay.


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      • billiantst -- I some what agree with you, this poor soul may have had 50,000s with the dividend at 30, 40 bucks and that would be a nice income at .34 X 50,000 = 17,000 . it is a shame that a lot of firms have cut or did away with div's and people that live off them may not have a Good S.S. or Pension. People that have good dividends (stocks) with a lot of money invested are in fear of 1929 or even Black Monday - things are not looking good across the board, with all the sh-- people in WallSt are pulling and only getting very little Jail time or refunding moneys lose because of shady deal ( Enron comes to mine) not counting a few others. sometime I think your better off at the track - in less then 2 mins. you know if you won or your broke. The Market is a Bet and a gamble, only the dividend gives you some progress over time. this day trading is out control -they kill some good firms. This is what is going to happen to this stock - who can B.S. the best and hope that people buy into it (start a rumor) on Wall St and in mins. it becomes bigger then life, if, ands and buts (butts) make millions. Just look at what has happen to oil - most of this was caused by Wall St. Starting a fire is easy, putting it out can be a major thing, I think that you see the trouble here.

      • Why is it so hard to believe that any poster has invested $1 million in a company? I have a very diverse portfolio with 83 different positions. So, if I choose to post on a message board my thinking on a company, what's it to you? You have two choices: (1) read it; or (2) ignore it.

    • I am long a few shares of this stock. I read the article in seekingalpha and I agree with almost all of it. The only problem is the timing of the reversal upward. I think that the recent move upward when they announced earnings will all be given back and IAR will be down around 3.5. This looks like a safe bet. It is also highly likely that recent bear activity in the market as a whole may precipitate a huge selling climax as longs give up and just get out. I think that the smart money will scoop up all they can get from the disappointed longs. We shall see. I am in the whole on this pos but not a lot. Not like you with 250,000 shares!! You may have to be patient but the fundamentals will pay in the end. They always do. May earn 2.5 this year and is selling below 4. Now that is remarkable. I just wish they had not completely eliminated all of the dividend. Just reduced it to 5 cents a quarter. A lot of pain would have been avoided.

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      • More often than not stocks are cheap for a reason. There may be some speculative money to be made as this fish flops around in the boat but it is caught and soon to be killed. There is simply too much debt for this declining business model to support. Who would know this first? The CFO, he quit. The CEO, can’t find one after the last one quit after 7 days. Health problems, give me a break well maybe a heart attack when he took a close look at the books! I read the article in seeking alpha too, and while it does give an in-depth analysis of the future buisness prospects of this company, it fails to talk about interest rates. When a company has 9 billion in debt most of it floating with no assets to sell, short term interest rates are the key. Where do you think they are going from here? If you answer up to the last question sell this dog now. Who would buy a company with negative 8.6 billion dollars in owner equity in a declining industry to begin with At best this dog earns .5 billion a year and you are back to zero in 17 years.