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  • tonkajp8 tonkajp8 Mar 24, 2009 11:24 PM Flag

    Hopefully an agreement will be met soon. This is how I see it..

    Can't see them filing BK.
    We have a new "super guarantee" program. That would just be hypocritical. Verizon would look bad too, IMO. . I think an Idearc BK would ruin Idearc and damage Verizon's reputation, since they were the originator of Idearc with the spinoff, IMO. I don't think it would look too good if Idearc goes BK and VZ takes back the contract without giving aid to their "sick child" by means over some sort of loan or financing. That would not be perceived as a good clean tactic, IMO. I think both would be hurt, both short and long term. VZ may be considering this. They may possibly step in, IMO. Behind the scenes, this may be a big game of chess and Idearc management may be playing for keeps. It's not over yet fellas. GLTA

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    • Not that much, I just think if Klein is going to game the shareholders, the shareholders should not just roll over and take it. C'mon it'll be fun...maybe some sort of demonstration. I'm not crazy or filled with bitter rage or anything like that, I just think some sort of publicity event would be a brilliant move and would result in significant value upside for IDAR common.

    • Waterboard, Don't you listen to ' are like Edith when she kept saying the defendant was innocent. Archie called her a dingbat for not agreeing with the other 11 members of the jury, especially when it was all over the news.In the end, the guy was INNOCENT! Hang in there buddy!
      PS...He doesn't really think the stock is going to garner $3-$4 bucks...He's making a theoretical point. Now, on the other hand, if this piece of crap can make it up to $.75 cents, then holy moly, I'm quitting my job. Good ruck everybody...

    • I fully agree (sorry, Water).
      Although I am already in IDAR's financial heaven and frolicking with the 7 virgins, I occassional check the prices and drop in on the board.

      What I know is: IDAR's board is deceptive, manipulative, jerking around the investors. What else is new? It CAN happen with any co.
      Our speculations are exhausted and came full circle many times.

      I suggest, until anyone comes up with a real novelty, let's all cry to our friendly neighbourhood barber instead psyching up the board.
      Meanwhile (and I am repeating myself) WATCH THE PRICES. IF we get out of this, the stocks will advance well before there are any news.

    • That's how I see it. BK would destroy Idearc name and Superpages because the "Super Guarantee" would be just words. Any sort of BK sinks this company, IMO. It would also not help Verizon, although many think that blood would not be on their hands. It is all about perception my friends. Jack Corwin has alot of common shares. I am sure he has made all involved aware that he wants things to get straightened out and not at the commons expense. He has clout, money and power. That's who i want in our corner. If BK was the solution I think it would've happened between November and January. They had the financials in by then. BK is not looking like an option at all, IMO. And I would venture to guess that Jack Corwin is also playing a major role now. I'm sure his presence is all around the Idearc dugout. Play Ball!

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      • On the other hand, Klein may be betting that BK of Idearc, a company most people have never heard of, may not recieve enough publicity to really affect public opinion of the superguarantee. I mean, out of all of the people that might use the yellow pages, how many of them are internet savy enough to hear news reports about Idearc going BK? I bet it would not be on public news broadcasts, and what limited coverage it might get on CNBC would mostly not reach those typical users of yellow pages IMO.

        And Idearc will live on, with or without BK: revenues are just too darn high for some sort of mass shut down of operations. Idearc emplyees know this. Idearc customers know this. So I don't think BK will significantly affect either Idearc customer or yellowpage user confidence in superguarantee IMO.

        I think the thing about it is that it is just plain ol' wrong. Its wrong for a company to guarntee something to its customers when it can't guarantee paying back its debts to its lenders. While I agree that its wrong, I don't think this ethical argument has any bearing on weather the business case exists as to weather they should be doing the superguarantee right now. Profits pay no mind to ethics unless they are forced to by law, which in this case they are not.

    • You know the no BK argument is interesting given the new guarantee rollout.

      How does a bankrupt entity guarantee anything?

      You might be on to something there....