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  • dialogman dialogman Aug 19, 2002 3:04 PM Flag

    ASCA ostriches

    Below is a summary of ASCA versus all of the casinos you have mentioned plus a few more -- BYD, ISLE, MGG, HET, AGY

    Two-year period of stock performance:
    ASCA is the #1 (just under 400% return on investment!)

    Five-year period:
    ASCA is #2 just below ISLE

    Over One-year period:
    ASCA has returned additional 45%. This is compared to the S&P500 and Nasdaq which has destroyed many portfolios.

    I cannot imagine that you could have possibly picked a better stock to add to your portfolio since 2000. Put $10k in Microsoft or IBM or AOL and you would have anywhere from $4-8k right now. Put it in Ameristar and you would have $38k!!

    Thank you.