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  • dialogman dialogman Aug 22, 2002 6:00 PM Flag

    What the...

    ok ok ok. Bad day on the market.
    Something is amiss here. I don't like negativity.. but I realize that it is contagious. And I am trying my best to avoid that bug.

    Questions for people other than "Luck is Bad" and his other co-names:
    1 - Is it typical to adjust quarterly numbers by $7 million dollars (or 4.2%)?
    2 - I am playing with the idea of purchasing more stock at this low price. Now that the bad news is out, do you think there is more bad news?
    3 - Does this stock usually react poorly for more than one day about bad news or does it typically turn around soon after?


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    • dialogman - maybe you should call your mommy so she can tell you that everything is going to be okay. You may say that what I've been posting has been baseless "negativity", but your post tells me that you are starting to realize that what I've been saying is probably right. CEO's and analysts lie and withhold the truth, but the chart and price action of a stock over a few month period don't lie. If you hadn't fallen in love with this stock, you would have seen that trouble was brewing. Nobody on this board knows if all the bad news is out or not, or whether this is a good time to buy or not. Anyone who says that the bad news is "priced in" just because the stock is way down is a fool. Shorts and hedge funds will probably short the hell out of this stock tomorrow in an attempt to drive it below $17.50, at which point a lot of stop loss orders will be triggered and it will plunge further. Will they succeed? Who knows? Go ahead and catch a falling knife. Whe the CEO finally decides to release the bad news, the stock will probably take another beating. This MASSIVE selling by institutions indicates that the news is going to be really bad. That's reality. Deal with it.

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