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  • dialogman dialogman Aug 26, 2002 2:16 PM Flag

    Investors Business Daily

    What was the date of the Investors Business Daily?

    What stocks do you recommend buying, Luck is Bad?

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    • The issue of Investors Business Daily that my friend showed me with the D- rating for ASCA was from Mon. Aug 26 (that's today, I guess they must put out the issue on Saturday and date it Monday), and the previous issue with the B rating was from Aug. 14 or 15. Apparently the paper also has some column that says where "the big money is flowing", and it had ASCA near the top of the losers list for several days last week because its drops were on much heavier volume than normal.

      I don't hold many stocks for more than a week or two anymore after getting burned by a bad market. Some of the stock I've been nibbling on recently have been XOM, CVX, RD, TYC, CHKP, CREE, NEWP, JDSU, and ISLE. I like the oils because they got trashed for no reason and are rebounding now because Bush is foaming at the mouth to attack Iraq, which could destabilize the whole Middle East and interrupt oil flow. I've been starting to buy into some tech stocks that are incredibly beaten down that are top notch for their industries. For casinos, I like BYD, but think its already had too much of a run, and ISLE looks ready to break out to a new high. PENN also seems like a good bet.

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      • You keep bashing asca and its CEO but you give no reason other than saying that there must be terrible news coming out. You say you like Isle and Byd. They are good companies, but Asca is trading at a much lower pe than Isle and Byd. Asca will have almost triple the earnings of byd this year. You say that you like the oil companies because they got trashed for no reason. Asca also probably went down for no reason. Asca probably went down only because mutual funds sold their positions to raise cash for redemptions or tax purposes. Your agenda seems to be to scare people into selling their positions. With Asca's low float it only takes a few thousnd shares to push the price down a point or so, but it appears to be way oversold and a bargain at the $17.00 range.Once all the sellers are gone asca will rally big time.