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  • wcpjr98 wcpjr98 Apr 10, 2009 11:58 PM Flag

    IN=Revenue down--why??

    Tribe in MI build a first classcasino resort.

    Blue Chip has added a Hotel Tower with fancy spa.

    het marketing program along with some comps is doing good.

    ASCA is still #1 in gaming revenue in KC & StL areas.

    Iowa reports its gaming revenue monday.

    MS & CO report gaming revenue in the 3rd week.

    ASCA is going very well with economy and improved competition.....imo

    PS: ASCA is still for sale.

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    • I think the revenue was down east ind two reaso het new casino a less promo comp 3 million total for march 2009

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      • FYI - Friday I stopped at ASCA and Harrah's (both in the west pare in St. Louis). Both had good biz...talked to a friend who went to Lumeire and she said that was crowded too. There was a big hockey game downtown, so that may have done it for Lumeire. Fact I like is all 3 were doing well.

        I've been out of ASCA for a few weeks, thinking of getting back in tomorrow. Got it ISLE for that time and had a nice 40% run (almost as good as my BAC run) but like ASCA as an investment best of all. Casinos the 3 are pretty equal though usually tend to have best luck at Harrahs. ASCA is always a good win or a total loss...but that's just me. You'd surely get many different takes on that from other visitors.

        Let's ride this to $20 in a few months.