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  • junecartercash63 junecartercash63 Jun 12, 2009 1:31 PM Flag

    Can I be guilty of trespassing on Ameristar property

    ..since I am a shareholder, and, in effect, own a percentage of the property? How can I be guilty of trespassing on my own property?

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    • As far as casinos go, you will usually be treated equal to the amount you gamble, if establihed. Owner shares, unless it is an absurd amount, such as part of a syndicate, affords you no leverage.

      If you're unhappy and it's justifiable and you were'nt an @ss, write a letter to the proper party with specifics. If no resolve, stop patronizing the establishment. Go elswhere or get another hobbie.

    • June....Do you have a problem with Casinos? First ISLE...Now ASCA...Any others?

      • 1 Reply to wlueb31
      • No. No problems with casinos. I love casinos. The atmosphere. The gaming. I dont think Ive ever enjoyed something more. To make a point on craps..especially a 4 or a 10. Its an incredible feeling to win. And as my mamma always said,"The next best thing to playing and playing and losing." The best thing about casinos is the anonymity. You get treated like a kind. A few bucks in your pocket and you can walk in a palace. People call you 'Sir' even when you lose. They will comp. you a drink...and give you a free meal. If you gamble definitely get your money's worth. If you gamble stupidly..that's your fault. But one thing any guest with a few bucks in their picket should expect is superior treatment. Superior to any other venue of public entertainment. a shareholder in casino propeties...I want the losers to keep coming back..because there is no make you feel like a king...or queen...more...than a casino. lose..but..they treat you so well.

        When I visit a property...and I have a dispute...or a complaint...what I expect is the same treatment as any other guest. That is...superior treatment. I dont expect to be harrassed, made to feel small...insignificant..or..stupid..e.ven if they have been plying me with alcohol all evening. It is never a place to be taken advantage be robbed...or to be made to feel as if your minor complaint is not important to them, but is simply a minor nuiscance easily disposed of by calling of the geriatric patrol.

        I was made to feel that way by one casino property. Is it the first time? No. It isnt. But what I find among manu casino personnel is the superior attitude of "Break that guy down and make him feel liek a loser. Show him that we are in control, and that he is just a sopurce of income for us...a stupid loser who loses his few last us...kings of the river." When I meet that kind of attitude...that is when I become enraged. is..ptentially expensive entertainment...and poeple come...because they expect to be treated well. Chances are...they will lose. But its the feeling of respect that they remember. Money can be made and lost...but your sense of self-worth can be made, sustained, or broken by casino personnel. IF you feel badly aboput your might not return. If you feel good about it...even if you will most likely return...even if only to lose again.

        I have worked for so many companies in my life. I am an automotive engineer. I worked as a banker in Europe. I have worked in distribution, of utlity supplies. I've lived in 15 diffent countries. I have never been treated in any casinothe way I was treated in this one casino...bythe pesonnel of this one propety. They behaved as if it was their personnel property...not as if they are caretakers of the property that investors entrust them with. That is when they lose customers.