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  • quickstoltz quickstoltz Jan 28, 2014 4:07 PM Flag

    So what's this stock really worth?

    Any better ideas as to how to figure what this may be worth?
    I posted this a little while back. For your consideration...

    Pfizer cut a 340,000,000 dollar deal with Glyco. Norvartis cut a 665,000,000 dollar deal with Selexys. (Go research it for yourself if you don't believe me.) Add the two together and you get 1,005,000,000 ( Follow me now.) Now divide that number by two and you get 502,500,000. This would be the average of what these two Sickle Cell deals seem to have been worth. (Follow me a little further.) Now divide that number by the number of shares here. Let's call it 100,000,000 (There's a few more shares than that here but we are just playing with average numbers anyhow so lets call the 502,500,000 number 500,000,000. With me so far? What's 500,000,000 (the average Sickle Cell Deal mentioned above) divided by 100,000,000 which is just a round number of shares here? That's 5 right? What's 5 times 100,000,000 shares we rounded off to? 500, 000,000 as a market cap not so far fetched is it? That's not counting 514 or Exelbine nor is it counting other indications for 188 besides the Sickle Cell.

    This is the only way I see to evaluate what this stock could be worth. Not a pump here. But yes I do see it being worth five dollars a share at some point an time.

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