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  • brendan_morris43 brendan_morris43 Mar 29, 2014 7:29 AM Flag

    In your honest opinion...

    Now first of all I do appreciate I am being a hypocrite here as I am on record a stating nobody here as a clue what will happen and nobody has ever got anything right before, except unfortunately for the bashers..

    But putting that to one side and swallowing a bit of pride I'm asking is there anyone here who thinks ,barring unexpected news like partnership etc, that this could run up to say $1.50 - $2.00 over the next 2-3 months?....after all we have seen it happen to untold other biotechs on little or no news many of whom did not even have a drug in P3..

    So, for those who understand these things more than I do, can read charts etc, is it likely to happen, or is it more likely will be stuck at these levels for a good while now..


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    • Thank you for your observations which I highly appreciate. I am as puzzled as you are. I would think this stock is in better shape than RNN (which has no drug in P3 but has run strongly from under $1). Given the time it takes to conduct a P3 (12-18 months), any news would be toward the end of this year and more likely next. The only reason I can think of in the next 2-3 months is if the stock becomes a market favorite, but that is such a fickle sentiment it's almost impossible to time. As somebody who has a small long position in this stock and is under water, the only thing I can do given the science which I think is encouraging is to basically wait. I know this is not much but it is the only explanation I have. And no, you are not a hypocrite. I have been reading your posts and respect your views. Stay safe.

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    • Brendan, The chart indicators leaning negative although the stock is oversold. The MACD and ADX are both negative, lower highs, resistance ~71c, in a downtrend, and DMA 50 = 82c and DMA 200 = 55c.

      Open gaps:
      Above current price:
      Below current price:

      imo, the chart doesn't indicate a trend reversal any time soon. Questions that I have are: 1) will the gap at ~50c be closed; and 2) is this headed to the DMA 200.

      I don't understand the current price since MSTX has an active Phase III clinical trial. Usually, this moves the price higher and supports the price, but it isn't with MSTX.

    • Hi Brendan,

      It is possible but in my opinion not within 2-3 months. I am saying that because if you take any stock, its price rise according to news, trends etc. With this particular stock, I honestly unable to analyze it. I am here for 6 months now more or less and I have no explanation of how this company conducts itself. One thing i can tell you for sure this stock today with its current pipeline with all the news so far should cost around 5 dollars solid. Believe you me Brendan, the only reason Glycometetics cost 15 dollars a share is because of the partnership with Pfitzer. I don't know whether this stock is manipulated or something is getting built up, one thing i can tell you for sure there is a huge chance for partnership hands down but again the question is when? but when it happens i can guarantee you the price per share will "(should)" be higher than Glycometetics today. I personally believe that if partnership announced it will be with Novartis just because too much coincidence between Aires and them. I swear to you that i am not trying to pump or bash the stock but since I have invested here i would like to see this growing and whatever i told you is what i feel.

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