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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Nov 16, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    special meeting

    to vote on the merger scheduled for Dec 17th.
    Likely merger will be approved and complete the following day.
    So if you want to sell before the merger, do it by Dec 17th.
    Personally I may wait to see if PSE can get back above $50 and if so then sell, otherwise may hold PXD for a while to see if I can get back to that level before sell. I don't plan to hold PXD long term.

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    • Holding PXD a while holds some intrigue for me. Seems like solid growth potential with buyout premium potential. My thought was PXD buying PSE might have been to make them more attractive to as a buyout candidate, but I am just speculating here. Any thoughts?

    • Agree with you statements. Got the materials and voted on line just now. Not that it makes any difference since it will be approved anyway.

      Have a good weekend!!!

      • 1 Reply to dividendbill
      • I just voted against the merger. Because all dissenting voters will retain appraisal rights which may be exercised in the future. That way I will exercise my rights next year 2014 which will delay the huge tax bite until I can better plan for it.

        Appraisal Rights

        Description of Appraisal Rights

        Pioneer Southwest common units that are owned by a Pioneer Southwest unitholder (a) other than Pioneer Southwest or its subsidiaries or Pioneer or its subsidiaries, (b) who did not vote in favor of the merger proposal at the Pioneer Southwest special meeting, and (c) who is entitled to demand and properly demands appraisal of such Pioneer Southwest common units (the “dissenting units”) pursuant to, and who complies in all respects with, the provisions of the section of the merger agreement regarding appraisal rights (the “dissenting unitholders”) will not be converted into the right to receive the merger consideration, but instead such dissenting unitholder will be entitled to payment of the fair value of such dissenting units pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions herein described (and at the effective time, such dissenting units will no longer be outstanding and will automatically be cancelled and will cease to exist, and such dissenting unitholder will cease to have any rights with respect thereto, except the right to receive the fair value of such dissenting units pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions herein described), unless and until such dissenting unitholder shall have failed to perfect or shall have effectively withdrawn or lost the appraisal rights. If such dissenting unitholder fails to perfect or effectively withdraws or loses appraisal rights under the merger agreement, then, as of the occurrence of such event or the effective time, whichever occurs later, each of such dissenting unitholder’s dissenting units will cease to be a dissenting unit and will be converted into the right to receive, as of such date, 0.2325 of a share ...