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  • colorado_dude4u colorado_dude4u Aug 22, 2002 5:06 PM Flag

    3 POS stocks
    the comparison is above and so is the conclusion: avoid these outfits selling beachwear. I prefer tennis anyway (gee, where is all the quicksilver stuff for tennis???)

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    • Yeah, I mentioned the sport of tennis once and nothing about tennis attire sinking this stock. Go read the post again mongo jaws. geesh

    • A joke - where is your sense of humour. We know the rules - no dropping in on the inside - even on quikbunnies. Your post was just a cheap attempt to bag me-- go burn your mates you are wasting it on me.....and yeah there are many surfers that want nothing to do with the crass commercialism that quik promotes to selfishly serve a label. It's about the sport not some kooky label of a fringe retailer with a dismal future. Was at Aspen Highlands several times last winter - no quik stuff to be seen except for a few dorky kids and not even sure on that. Some sno board shops in denver area carry hardly any quik stuff too - the opinion on quik here in colorado is so so - one guy in a shop once told me - yeah their stuff is ok but ya know there are zillions of brands out there --- billabong and quik are no big deal anymore.....guy at Gart's sports told me helly hanson stuff was better than quik and longer lasting....friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge. quik is washed up and fading - it will survive ok but the real money has been made on this puppy.

      Uh, yeah, sell.

    • Small fish in the big sea of retail maybe. But if the stock makes me money, which it has, why should I care. I have made many times more than 112%. I will probably make more money on ZQK stock in the future.

      Their days are over - not hardly. Revenues and profits continue to grow. Surfing in general continues to grow in popularity in the US and particularly Europe. ZQK will continue to do well with this trend as they dominate those two markets.

      Not to say ZQK doesn't have its challenges. Competitors are continuously nipping at their heels. ZQK running their own retail outlets has some independents pissed off. Some kids think Quik is too mainstream and no longer cool. Etc.

      CO_Dude you can come up with better dirt than talk about the wave of tennis attire that's going to sink ZQK!

    • Splits do not count. Sorry - we would all be fabulously wealthy if they did. Gee, Dell has split 28 times - SO WHAT? lOTS OF LONGS HOLDING THE BAG WITH STOCKS THAT HAVE SPLIT MANY MANY TIMES. Gee, let me give you a dollar and let's have a 20 for one split - I'll soon have 20 bucks - freeeeeee money..... yeah! Go away. You are about as useful as a pop-up ad.

    • It's amazing to me that as a surfer (or someone who used to surf) you are so clueless on Quik. As for dropping in on me that would be far worse for you than your worst pick in the market (and based on your comments on this board I'm sure you've made some terrible ones).

    • of zqk? How many years ago was that 13? 14? Split twice 3 for 2 and 2for 1 Most gains were made in 6 months? I don't think you have a clue. A real long term holder of zqk

    • This one was so funny I have to respond. Tennis? REally? When was the last time you saw some kids wanting to wear "tennis" gear. Maybe '75? Too funny.

      The short term view for Quik is bigger profits. I wouldn't be surprised if the stock hits 30 soon. But, I'm not buying any stocks until after Sept 11. I have a GTC buy in at 17.25. I missed the buy by one cent a few weeks ago! I sold out at $22 a few months ago. Bought and sold ZQK several times now and have made money each time.

      Tennis? Is that cool in Colorado?