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  • bryseron bryseron Nov 14, 2002 7:06 PM Flag

    Close over $25!

    WOW! this hasn't happened for 4 months! Will be interesting to see if there is any follow through or if the trend of falling immediately after breaking $25 is sustained. Tomorrow will be important either way.

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    • Everyone expects blow-out earnings and a rosy future forecast. We'll see if ZQK can live up to these lofty expectations.

    • per year. Isn't that enough. McKnight also sold 432,000 shares of ZQk for $11,232,000 in the last two years. How do you think he got these shares. They were stock options at $3.00. ZQK does even bother to expense stock options like some compamies.

    • You fucking idiot. He was exercising stock options. Go back to school and get the facts straight before you shoot of your big fat ignorant mouth.

    • This is a no brainer to continually load up with 90,000 shares at $3.00 for $270,000 to ZQK, and in the same day dump the shares at $27.65 for CLEAR PROFIT of $2,218,500.00. The days of this kind of crap for CEO's is over. DISNEY paid the price for gloating the salary of its CEO.

    • hmmm....nothing much going on here I see

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      • ZQK is doing exactly what is has historically done during the latter part of it's fiscal 1Q and early 2Q......a whole lot of consolidating. I for one would like to see is fall a little further. Another way to look at it is that ZQK has traditionally been at its weakest, and at it's lows during this time of the year. If these are the lows - and we are almost 1/8 through the year what is the upside potential?

        Next major move will be up. A whole bunch of good news can be anticipated in the weeks and months ahead. In addition to much greater brand recognition WORLDWIDE, ZQK has new products and new rollouts in all areas of the business (wholesale, retail, extreme sports, etc).

        I still believe strongly there is a split coming within the next two quarters.

        FYI - Quik's latest major retail concept store in Times Square is slated to open during spring break. It is supposed to be awesome according to what I have heard.

      • "nothing much going on here I see"

        yup, stock seems doomed to slowly fall... probably until low 20's. I would be a buyer below 22.

        hey cool- you still around? good call on zqk short, what about your bby position? stock is still around where it was a couple weeks ago. sorry i didnt respond to your last post, things got real hectic around here recently.
        SCSC sure didnt fall as far or rebound as much as I hoped, still waiting for an entry there.
        Got into DD at 36.35, but I'm a little nervous that its still hovering around 37.

        Also just bought into CTIC at 5.9 today, sorry I missed the 8% move but I'm confident that it can run to at least 7.5 within the next 2 weeks.
        Any thoughts? new position?

        Good Luck

    • I learned a long time ago to respect the swell and everything it embodies. Take it personally....nah....actually its the shorts that are helping to further drive the value up. I do take stupidity masquerading as "investing" clogs up the board and also clogs up the markets.

    • quik,
      funny how you seem to take it personally when someone shorts zqk -hey, its only trading.
      maybe the swell in hawaii will lighten you up- or humble you (more likely)

    • The split will be 3 for 2 if it happens. Management does not want a 10 stock price. One reason for lowering a stock price when you split is to increase the number of potential investors. When IBM used to split at 150-200 per share that was accomplished.

      With a $ 30 stock the increased "pool" of of investors between $30 and $10 is not relevant. More importantly, a $ 10 stock price might be seen by some as a "cheap" stock and the whole attitude towards it could change. $20 is the right level to attract growth oriented investors.

      One last comment, isn't it amazing how every short on this board is a) out, b) made a profit, c) always have another stock they prefer more. Makes you wonder whether their it's only their positions that are short - or does the problem go much deeper.....

      To all of those who will be enjoying turkey have a happy Thanksgiving all of those turkey shorts, "hey, SPAM is said to taste pretty good with a slice of humble pie"

      I will be back as 'quikasawink" from Hawaii after the holidays......regards to all....

    • 10 ?? Been there done that on more than 4 ocassions but this time to get there it'll have to split 3 for 1 and I think it'll only be 3 for 2 Save some money and don't short now

    • I have to say that this will go BELOW 10 dollars in the near future. (sorry EddieW - but the good news is you can add to that expanding collection of yours).

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