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  • coolasacat143 coolasacat143 Mar 11, 2003 10:34 AM Flag

    I'm back in short...

    1000 shares at $28.51

    Good Luck

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    • Just back from travel myself-
      Quik, i don't see how much clearer your statement of 'this is my last reply on this topic' could be but then again I stand by my observation of your angry responses to short sellers- to which I say you must have alot of energy to expend to that end. Myself, I trade- meaning both long and short, it's about earning a living, not karma.
      Calling short sellers 'atlantic city style gamblers' is like me calling all 50 yr old surfers from the southeast 'crusty old longboarder kooks'. It just doesn't wash-
      Take good care.

    • The best thing I've done is hold this stock since the IPO in 1986. The return has been phenonimal and has beaten every average around. I've sold covered calls from time to time as this stock certainly has a seasonal pattern that only long term investore are aware of. Trading for nickels and paying short term gains is for fools. Sleep well coolasacat143.

    • Only you could consdier "still holding" as a get better and better as you get more and more emotional.

      Good thing you only trade for your own account. You would get decimated in the pits.


    • You really are way to emotional for the trading game. You could not resist counting your chickens (or perhaps turkeys) before they were what happens it closes up 56cents and above $30 per share.

      You can keep playing for your nickel times and some of us will keep investing. Trust me ZQK is not our only position - I track a number of boards and am always curious to see what the "small" investor is up to....or down to in this case.

      You are the classic small investor in the internet age. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and you do seem to qualify as having just that....a little knowledge.
      $ 10,000 per week I think you moved a decimal point.

      In the interest of full disclosure, and our ZQK position has been steadily increased over the past 12 months, we just sold a bunch of covered calls as we think an adjustment is likely to happen post Iraq. However, the fundamental business underlying this company is phenomenal if you just take the time to find out. Instead of looking for "double lollipop tops" and selling based upon tea leaves go study the business, the management, the past. History does have a way of repeating itself (see Oakley, see Levi, etc). If Quik wants to repeat it's sucess we are very happy to invest in that long term.

      Surfs up and I am supposed to be on vacation.....

      I am gone for now.....quikasawinl


      ZQK $30.01 - Covered - Loss $30.50
      AMZN - $25.92 - Covered - Loss $26.50
      COH - $38.50 - Still Holding
      URBN - $23.95 - Still Holding
      SBUX - $25.17 - Still Holding
      ANF - $30.75 - Still Holding
      PSUN - $20.25 - Still Holding

      Please continue to review these positions. I have no problems whatsoever in laying out my trading plan and positions.

      I know everyone only wants to keep track of the losing positions just so you can say 'I told you so' but keep in mind I am still long on those that I had listed before so keep your eyes on those as well. They are more than making up for my small losses here...

      As for AMZN and ZQK, I will re-short them again. most likely tomorrow. Yes, sooner or later, I'll be right but the thing is and you will see shortly, the small losses that I take will be dwarfed by the profits when the whole market stops zooming up. Who's going to be the last one out the door?

      Finally, I looked at some of these other boards and of course, its full of 'strong buy' ratings everywhere with no shorts. You can bring on your obnoxious comments but I'll stick to my guns and stay on the short side until both the DOW and COMP close above the 200ma, on 3 consecutive days and on strong volume before I will shorting...

      Good Luck

    • <EOM>

    • <EOM>

    • Hey, who cares what I say. I rather HAVE a tax problem than not. Do you truly believe that I only trade ZQK? And that I only go short?

      But since we've been chatting and this IS just a msg. board, I'll tell everyone right now that I've gone back into re-shorting the following;


      ZQK $30.01
      AMZN - $25.92
      COH - $38.50
      URBN - $23.95
      SBUX - $25.17
      ANF - $30.75
      PSUN - $20.25

      Have been LONG

      MIK - $21.44
      PETM - $10.38
      JNY - $27.00
      EAT - $27.25
      DRI - $17.42

      And yes Quik, I pay $10 per trade on these which comes out to $70. For my shorts, if any of these blows up and closes $.50 above my price, I'll take the small loss. If they don't, we'll see in a week where these stocks price wise...

      My longs are approaching some established resistances so I am getting ready to cash out very soon.

      The markets are doing what what it did the last time. This war rally should go on for another day or two but once the war officially begins, you'll see a sizeable pull-back... And then, IF its a quick war, then we'll zoom up again... But the thing that might change things this time is that pre-announcements are coming and God knows they're not going to be good so that just might pull the air out completely....

      And what's ZQK doing today??? Market's up 230+ and its DOWN $.40???????????

      Good Luck

    • Probably fantasizing......nothing like 10g per week in short term is very nice of Cool to help out the federal govt with that much in taxes....unless he offsets it with the 10g a week you lose trading in and out....

    • Doing what??

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