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  • cybarracuda cybarracuda Sep 21, 2004 6:29 PM Flag

    Cool ZQK hat for watersports.

    I'm stoked (perhaps too easily); I just bought a great hat for wearing while surfing and windsurfing. The ZQK hat was much better than the O'Neill competition that was in the shop.I believe it's the same hat that's marketed through DaKine Hawaii. Small, stiff brim, that doesn't flap around when I'm streaking at 25 mph +, and it doesn't look as dorky as the other hat I was using.
    It's a good market for ZQK to be in being as aging (cough,cough) baby-boomers like me are paying dues for all of our early UV exposure. Having just had a skin cancer removed from the top of my head, I'm going to be extra careful from now on. Anyone with thinning hair out there, don't be vain, wear the hat. Even if your hair isn't thinning, watch the part. That's where my squamous cell started, right where my part was when it had better, alright any, definition.
    If you've tried to get in to see a dermatologist in Southern California lately, you'll have experienced the fact that they're the busiest specialist out there. Do yourself a favor, takes steps today so that you don't have to see them tomorrow.
    Glad to be long ZQK and to give them a little more revenue help today.

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    • I would do that too, but actually haven't seen my son in a few months as I am too busy posting on message boards. I NEVER help him with homework or attend ANY of his school functions.


    • Surfrato...yes I think Quik has a lot of future superstars on their current team. Dane Reynolds has a promising surfing career ahead and he's not even 20. Not as familiar with their skateboard team but Danny Way lives not too far from me. My sense is that Quik will have to continue with the brand extensions (ie QuiksilverEdition) to broaden its appeal without diluting the core brand. DC Shoe was a smart acquisition since it targets the same core consumer.

    • does he wear deckers too???

    • Voodoo,
      It will happen. As far as Slater and Hawk are concerned ( I have a 14 yaer old son )the appeal is still there. There are new pepole that grace the pages of Surfer and Surfing domestically speaking and many up and comers in the skateboard arena that Quik has grabbed. My son, through all my pushing, has adapted well to Quik. After all, it is MY money that ends up on his body, so there really is no choice for him. LOL.

    • Re: $3 billion in sales, it's interesting to compare this figure with other sales from other clothing brands:

      J. Crew: $688 million
      LL Bean: $1.2 billion (est.)
      Eddie Bauer: $1.3 billion (est.)
      Abercrombie & Fitch: $1.7 billion
      Banana Republic: $2.1 billion
      The Limited/Limited Express: $2.7 billion
      Victoria's Secret: $3.8 billion
      Gap Worldwide: $7.2 billion

      $3 billion in sales would make it one of the largest clothing brands in the world. I'm not saying it won't happen, but it's going to take a lot of changes to broaden the appeal of the line. The conundrum is that when niche brands start appealing to the masses, they often lose touch with your core customers.

      Part of the appeal of ZQK right now is that they remain one of the most credible brands for surfers. Sponsoring multiple pro events and guys like Kelly Slater and Tony Hawk are big. But Slater and Hawk don't have more than a few competitive years left and they leave big shoes to fill.

      So the challenge to me is in keeping the grassroots credibility of the brand while growing into one of the biggest in the world. My sense is you can be one or the other but not both. The transition from core enthusiast consumer to mainstream consumer will be interesting.

    • Sure I rememember you Thanks for your good wishes This stock has been a winner for many years and imo will be for years to come The ceo said 3 billion in a few years That's triple what they do now AND THEY ALWAYS UNDERSTATE Made out real well in their options the past year I tripled my money on the NOV calls Could've done even better if I held on but didn't want to be a pig Good luck and good health to you

    • Remember me?? I haven't been by here in a long while. I really missed the boat not putting some ZQK shares away years ago into a long term holding account. I'm glad for you and the rest of the holders here. Later.

    • Great idea I'd do it too but my sons HS requires slax sportjackets and ties Good luck to you and good health

    • cy thanks for that post Also preventing colon and prostate cancer is doable with checkups every couple of years or so {{PSA Tests}

    • for ZQK in my model today

      Should run to nearly 30 on double top break-out