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  • LAPD2600 LAPD2600 Sep 8, 2005 4:38 PM Flag

    After Hours

    Just saw a tic at 16.20 not to shabby... clifffffffff are you crazy...


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    • The main risk I see is what will impact will Katrina have on spending and the retail sector.

      Question for the board....I noticed that inventory and AR were quite a bit higher this quarter. Is that a sign of trouble or stuffing the distribution channels?

    • Thanks Rowdy from jogging my memory. I've had gniaccount on the ignore list for quite some time and you're, right there are a lot of similarities. And to think I didn't even miss him.

      I�m pretty sure no one here will be put off by a challenging argument or even a different view of the facts, but negative comments just to be negative? Join the REFR board and bash a real that stock that has never made a dime.

      I�m long and although not thrilled by the quarter I�m not the least bit upset either. We made estimates, IMO the best news was the % increase in Europe. Combine that with Roxy Branding Ski equipment and I believe we MAY have a serious contender for another niche market of women and girls under 27 in a recreational sport that is know for spending. Does anyone see a major downside here? New niche markets in the US and Europe with a growing market in all other areas? Roxy will be a strong contender IMO.

      Cliffff, I would give you a chance to throw in 2 cents worth of unsubstantiated opinion but...Cliffff meet gniaccount you can share the ignore list together.

    • Very unipressive for such "blow out: nubers hahahahaha