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  • rrrishi rrrishi Sep 7, 2006 5:18 PM Flag

    High Flying Retail FLOP! My prediction!

    Okay....So what makes you believe these guys will even meeet their lowered expectations....

    Why don't they factor in the fact that higher interest rates will cut deeply into their EPS...

    Fudamantely speaking this is a BAD investment!

    I'm expecting a MOTLEY FOOL article on this one....I don't think they see the same growth the company management sees! Especially in this market!

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    • Both of you! Shut up!

      The stock had fallen with no sight of recovery!

      Maybe you get a relief rally of 1-2% on Monday but other then that....trend is downward till next earnings report....$11's is fair to say...

      Next week is options expirations....maybe if they really want to make money....$10's.....

      If Shorts really want to make some money next week check out VG...I think low 6's next week is quite possible....there isn't any most only short covering but I compare the stock to fell from $25++ VG deserves to be well under $5

      At least ZQK has better margins! haha! But ZQK is not all that bad....Bulls make money..Bears Make money! Just not for now....but anything under $10 is a bargain! As far as VG is concerned! Even $5 is expensive! haha!

    • I also have a problem with old ladies if your 49 and live in Orange County CA your daughter is too old for must at least know that demographic...the "Father/Daughter Night" at any bar in Newport...
      Sexist Idiot, you can do better then that both my wife and girlfriend have.
      I'm just having fun here ocgal..Seriously have a great weekend and your thinking is with mine longterm, its a good stock I just see low 11's around the corner.

    • because you're a sexist idiot?

    • If your not comfortable with your knowledge of the market to make a nonemotional decision maybe you should start "Investing" in beenie babies I heard a rumor they're coming back too. Why am I hearing the song; Just like a woman in my head right now.....

    • RRishi are you listens to the CC. One of the analyst just congratulated them LOL. This is headed for a huge flop. I'm long 4k so I'm not on the side I should be and this thing could drop to single digits so fast it really does scare me. What if they dont have the weather they need this winter?For being a clothing company they arent moving to fast to launch any new apparel.Not a good sign, first showings end of Nov. maybe the should start launching new summer apparel in July.NOT GOOD

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      • The analyst were congractulating them with DOWNGRADES tommorow morning....

        All those BUY ratings need to come down to HOLD/UNDERWEIGHT....SELL would be too harsh! Especially since their P/E ratio based on on 2008 earnings is only 14

        Why would you buy a company that has a 2008 P/E of 14 that does not give a dividend and has interest expenses that will continue to rise? And yes...its easy to say there sales are strong....but when you go to the stores....I see some highly DISCOUNTING going on....

        There selling on E-BAY!!!

        Ohhh...what about Counterfits in China??? Any thoughts.....

        That Russian deal announced is with a well known counterfiter....they have factories in China! 50% real- 50% fake! That's how they really make money!