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  • stinkyhank stinkyhank Sep 8, 2010 11:09 PM Flag

    jlbhgb is back to being ubank...

    after all his calls were lemons, he returns to his former id, who's calls were also lemons.

    don't be fooled by the signature,...

    different name, same handwriting.

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    • hey stinky,
      Don't know who you are referring to, but i use only this moniker. As for my calls being stinky? You may want to rethink that a bit. As a click through to my "review messages" will teach you, essentially every trade i made this year has been sound and profitable. QUIK (now trainwreck zqk), a name I've traded many times since the founders took it public, used to be a great compnay, now it is a general mess as I've written about since the start here.

      but I'm curious now... if ubank writes well and thinks as clearly as i do, i'm interested in his ideas. Hey, given the weak thinking your posts exhibit, I may even click onto yours for some ideas to trade against. nah, I'm sure they aren't worth reading. rofl

      But you are a dope -- take a look at my trade here -- I'd call it a mess, but no loss of capital here. After they do the rest of the equity telegraphed, i'll likely play it again.

      riding high of late long trades on DE, AAPL, GE, CF, CMG, UAUA to name a few