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  • greenzorrow greenzorrow Dec 16, 2010 5:12 PM Flag

    Genius says buy

    ZQK has turned the corner. imo, based on the current financial press release. The wind is to their backs and there should be further improvement, both from the economy and the rebranding efforts.

    Recall the uncertainty that abound when I did my my brlliant valuation analysis way back in March 2010. The stock since gained from 3.11 to over 5 as others now see increasing value. That's over a 60% gain. The reproted adjusted EDITDA was 214 and not too shabby from my 224 prediction back in March when the analysts were running for their diapers. Relate that to their adjusted debt levels.

    The outlook in terms of earnings and sales progress is being done in the current cold weather and with the needed brand expenditures that are required to rejuvinate the product lines. It is still likley that outsiders with deep pockets may be better with this task than the current management.

    In this strong stock market where good brand consumer companies are all hitting new highs and where the successful wolves are hunting for snacks, like ZQK, one has to believe that buying near this 5 dollar level should produce good gains in the not too distant future. IMO it is not a question of buying more shares, but deciding which gold watch to wear today. Audemars, Piage, Patek....? Those are hard decisions.

    As usual, no guarantees and thus all investments should be diversified in a portfolio of stocks, gold, commodities and debt instruments.Idiots who pigged out on dot.coms in the 90s or condos in the 2000s are pretty much financially dead now. They can't buy, but you don't miss your opportunity.

    Once again: Buy or Die!!!!!!