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  • stinkyhank stinkyhank Sep 18, 2013 4:30 AM Flag

    DEBT - 1.26 bil ?

    Am I reading this right , haven't followed ZQK for awhile. In yahoo key stats Debt says $1.26 bil, is this correct and if so where did the blow out from 850 mil to 1.26 bil come from ??

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    • Very weak financially! This POS should be in the $3 or lower.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • yup makes no sense but that's why they do it.
        small groups of big money guys will use a pos stock with low float and high short interest to run it.
        works great b/c makes no sense and no one expects it.
        be very careful shorting these b/c long term they will crash but if low float and high short %
        I have seen many of these get run way beyond the possible.

        tend to see this more late in bull mkt b/c running out of stocks ie so many have already made xyz gains hard to push them up much.
        even better the good ones will suck up all the short shares near the top before they run it back down
        so when it peaks out and you try to short there are no shares avail.

        late 2007 saw a lot of these.
        indirectly is one of several symptoms of a bull mkt long in the tooth.
        bull is still running but stay close to the exits.