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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Mar 6, 2014 5:10 PM Flag


    This exec team has no idea how to execute a turnaround plan for anything other than cutting costs. Incredibly, they don't seem to even understand how completely eviscerated these brands are. I'm going to pull up my comments from the last two Qss, because even though some delusional pm have been buying these shares, the smart guys are headed out the door. Notice the huge vol of late without a corresponding increase in short interest?

    They didn't just miss, they missed on every line item except for the girl's brand which was up almost nothing. And while they call it progress on the online initiatives, they are grwoing a pissant base.

    Now he's talking about "ongoing erosion" in the account base, and that they need to rethink and rehire a new sales force to sell their brands. Now too he is going into how they are trying to figure out how to repenetrate the U.S. market as wholesale distribution is not going well... uh duh...

    The reason for that? No one who speaks English wants to wear any of these dead brands, even if they take 14 yr old DC brand skateboard fashions down line. What a riot!

    Again, we have shorted this from above $8 to less than $5 and then again from almost $9 to below $7 to cover last Q (see our posts over time here), and the goofy chasing seen here in recent weeks let us re-establish a short position here in recent days. Thanks to all those chasing this up to make that so lovely.

    The stock is going to be crushed if any other 13F filers or analysts are listening to this incredibly awful conference call tonight.

    p.s. How about those ridiculous comments about "Russia is doing better so we hope that is not going to be disrupted?" LOL

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