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  • wlaf wlaf Sep 9, 1999 9:30 AM Flag

    We could use...

    an upgrade by a reputable brokerage house to get the stock moving again.

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    • Clair Voyeur: Please note that my observation
      pertains to what is called TA(Technical Analysis). It is
      generally understood that any gap up or down will have to
      be filled subsequently either near term or long
      term. It was my observation that there was such a gap
      up during December '98 and was never filled
      afterwards. Now I find that this gap has been filled during
      this drop of the price of ZQK. It is just such an
      observation that I am bringing to the notice of the board and
      I am sure others inclined towards TA may also have

    • please stop issuing earnings reports

    • Stock down 2-9/16 to 16 and change on extremely
      high volume. Right now, I bet that McKnight is on the
      phone to all of the analysts, and fund/institutional
      investors, trying to calm nerves. If we see big volume again
      tomorrow (and my guess is that we will), expect a further
      drop in the price, testing the $15 support level.
      Break that, and I'm sorry to say there may be a lot of
      dark days ahead.

      Although we saw higher net
      sales when compared to the same period last year, more
      importantly, we saw a drop of over $20 MILLION in sales from
      last quarter (about 20%). From a trending point of
      view, this is probably a sign of things to come. Hence,
      a lack of enthusiasm by the street.

      to look for tomorrow and next week. See if the
      institutions dump. High volumes will indicate this. I suspect
      that some of them lightened their losses today. They
      had to. With Sept. 30 approaching, they will have to
      issue reports and needless to say, no one wants to show
      a poor performing stock in their

      As always, be careful. This is a very dangerous

    • I just wanted to see what the reaction of
      Suedynm, Mom, Tiffany and Jack would be. As predicted,
      high jubilation over so-so numbers. You can't overlook
      the sector, technicals, etc. The street is not

      We have about 30 minutes left in the
      trading day, and the ZQK is down 2-5/8 (-15%), and
      appears to be retesting the low end support of 15 and

      We'll see what happens for the rest of
      the day, but my guess is that there will be a bunch
      of sell at close orders.

    • youre losing money fast,more to this than an increase in roxy

    • Once again, it is not wise to bet against this
      company. It is firing on all cylinders. Up across the
      board in all catagories. Congratulations to Bob
      McKnight and the whole management team on an excellent
      quarter. I've had this stock since the IPO and have made
      so much money that it is hard to believe. Try to
      find another stock outside the tech arena that has
      performed so well over the past 13 years.

      • 2 Replies to Suedynm
      • I think you better sell out while you can. Like I
        have been posting for the last few weeks, if the
        estimates do not come in at .30 or better, the stock will
        take a hit. WAS I RIGHT????

        Come on people, the
        techincals don't lie. ZQK failed to "beat the street" and
        will suffer a major hit tomorrow and next week. Look
        at PSUN, Gap, Sears, etc. They are all being hit.
        ZQK will not be any different.

        There is a
        strong resistence at 19.50. The recent support at 18 was
        broken like a hot knife through butter. We dipped to 15
        and change and hit the last support level. Break
        that, and we will see single digits soon.

        buying yet...I'll wait until some support shown.

      • Eddie will you go harrass some other message
        board now that you have made a fool of

        We are all tired of your negative attitude, multiple
        posts, and most importantly WRONG INFORMATION.


        This baby is gonna soar! Go long.