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  • occy25 occy25 Oct 26, 1999 12:10 PM Flag

    tons of Quicksiver clothes at Levis

    I noticed they sell tons of Quicksiver clothes at Levis stores now. Could be a good thing.

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    • I used to post my TA on this board, but many
      failed to see the benefit of unbiased, objective
      analysis. When the daily stochastics, short term and mid
      term oscillators, etc. were all pointing down, I
      advised everyone that ZQK was not the place to be. Add to
      that, a continual wave of bad news (ie., luke warm
      earnings, a poor (IMHO) conference call, and projected flat
      Holiday earnings), all the signals were in for a short.
      But the reply was "teens love the stuff". Hence, I
      stopped posting it.

      Today, we saw the sector rise
      after taking a beating yesterday. Technically, the
      bounce today was expected, especially after the fed news
      of confirming slower growth.

      Here's my take
      on the short term. ZQK's quarter ends tomorrow
      (actually Sunday, 10/31). They have been calling all major
      accounts to push the inventory out their door. Why?
      Because that's how ZQK books income...when inventory is
      pushed out the door, they recognize the sale. Sales have
      been flat at best, and ZQK has experienced a larger
      than expected amount of returns. Their merchandise is
      priced too high, competition has caught up with the Roxy
      line, and the styles are lukewarm at best.

      would not buy at this point. Earnings to be posted in
      December will confirm my suspicions. ZQK is at or around
      it's 52 week lows, but it will go lower...

    • You have been right all along. I bought and sold
      some shares after the drop after earnings. I made some
      cash, but not as much as if I would have shorted back
      along time ago. Just out of curiosity, what price did
      you short at, or have you added shares along the
      way?? I do think that people get too emotional about
      the stocks that they own, and they take it personally
      when someone says to go short when they are long. I
      thought you were crazy a while ago, but now I'm a
      believer. I want your honest opinion here, would you short
      now, or go long for a bit?? I don't know if you pay
      attention to stochastics, but ZQK is stochasticly oversold
      right now. The 13 day Moving average is at about 15
      1/2. If I haad to lay money on it right now, I think
      it might bounce back close to its 13 day MA. The
      stock is in a down trend for sure, and long term short
      is still looking good..... I ramble on. What do you

    • PSUN back to 16...I don't think so. If that
      happens, ZQK will be at 5. So you think the P/E for PSUN
      is "way too high"...what do you think about
      Wal-Mart's P/E @ 47? Should we all short Wal-Mart too?

      PSUN has a great business plan...ZQK does not. We'll
      see who's right in the weeks to come.

    • fhutyu: If VectorVest says ZQK has a value of
      $29.10/share, why is the stock @ 13, and going down?

      you're going to rely upon this type of system to invest,
      good luck to you. I prefer to do my own work, and make
      my own decisions.

      No way ZQK is worth
      anything close to $29/share. More like $9/share.

    • PSUN is set up for a fall...P/E way too high, this stock should be back @ 16 real soon...IMHO

    • VALUE: ZQK has a Value of $29.1 per share. Value
      is the
      foundation of the VectorVest system. It is
      a measure of what a stock is
      currently worth.
      Value is based upon earnings, earnings growth
      dividend payments, dividend growth rate, and financial
      Current interest and inflation rates also play an
      important role in the
      computation of Value. When
      interest and/or inflation rates decrease,
      Value goes
      up. When interest rates and inflation increase, Value
      down. Sooner or later a stock's Price and Value always

    • fhutyu: Consider this...all of you think that I
      have an alterior motive. Maybe I do, maybe I don't,
      but it doesn't matter. What I hope to achieve is the
      same as all investors hope to achieve...that is to
      make money trading stocks. After doing some research
      on this company, I found out many things, most of
      which I do not post. If I can save someone some money
      (like Icenine for example), great. For the
      non-believers (like EddieW37, Tiffany, Jack, Suedynm, Hibernia,
      etal) all I can say is...too bad.

      You don't
      like what I post...simple, don't read them. If you
      want valued opinions based upon hours and hours of
      research, continue to read. Bottom line is this...I was
      right all along...and the truth hurts.

      blame me for your losses...blame McKnight, Samuels,
      Hodge, Brink and other top management incompetents at
      ZQK. I'd blame the restaurant guy, but all he does is
      get coffee for his secretary.

    • you really sound like a 61 year old texas quik guys are truly the lamest.....thinking and
      watching what? you need to think about how you sound much did you really lose b.
      s......gotta love these idiots wonder you love
      letting them have it!!!

    • I don't own ZQK and have just been watching it,
      thinking I might buy some.
      What puzzles me on this
      board is you?
      Why such a hard on over this
      Did they fire you or sleep with your wife?
      out my boy, your really a pain to listen to, even by
      someone who is not a share holder!

    • Last year, McKnight took a bonus of $1 million
      dollars. That was on top of his salary of $400K+, and
      stock options. You would think, that with that kind of
      money, he would do something for the shareholders.

      Well, all he has done was put the company on a path to
      certain failure. Look at the stock value. The market cap
      is now below $300M, the stock is trading at its 52
      week lows, and ZQK will not meet this quarters
      earnings estimates.

      No McKnight, you do not
      deserve a bonus...and neither does any other member of
      management. Here's what I think...exercise your options to
      buy ZQK...your price is now HIGHER than what the
      public can buy it for.

      You should also move to
      cut expenses (like flying everyone first class and
      staying in high priced hotels), cut the pay of your
      friends or better yet, fire some of them (like the
      useless restaurant guy), and get out of the department
      stores and get back to the core...that's where ZQK
      started. Look at your business plan, it just doesn't make

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