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  • anson18970 anson18970 Oct 28, 1999 3:10 PM Flag


    You're obviously no fan of ZQK -- but you must
    admit that every stock (regardless of performance) has
    some level where it is over valued, fairly valued and
    under valued.

    At what level do you think ZQK is
    fairly valued? At what point would you be a

    And don't say never! -- then you just expose yourself
    as a spammer and a trasher, not an investor.

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    • ZQK down 10% for the WEEK!!!
      by: eddie_would_invest (34/F/Atlantic City, NJ) 10/29/99 04:33 pm
      Msg: 1005 of 3412

      Last Friday, ZQK closed at 15-11/16. Today, one week later, ZQK closed at 14-1/8...DOWN over 10%. And this is in just one week. During this week, we saw the following:

      1. ZQK went BELOW the 52 week Low;

      2. ZQK lost the head of the Roxy division...she went to work for Wet Seal;

      3. The fiscal quarter for ZQK comes to an end today; and

      4. Other specialty retailers, unlike ZQK, has shown amazing strength for the week, especially on good economic news and a great speech from Greenspan.

      fhutyu...For your information, PSUN is approaching their 52 WEEK HIGHS...not their lows (turn your chart around have it upside down). You said to short PSUN...I hope you you're going into the week end holding your @$$. Gap (who lost one of their chief executives) was up over $5 in two days on this news. Abercrombie also showed similar gains, up over $5 for the week (I told you that this was a buying opportunity earlier...I hope you followed me on this one...).

      So what's so good about ZQK? I wish someone could tell me.

      EddieW37...YOUR ONE WEEK LOSS ON THIS STOCK IS ABOUT $100,000. Another brilliant move...but you're not alone, fhutyu has now joined you and others (hibernia, suedynm, jack, etal) in the "i don't have a clue" club.
      {{Eddie w 37 is not eddie would invest}}

    • Fhutyu...You said to short PSUN at 26...well its
      at 31 now, and going up. Did you lose money? How can
      you say ZQK is taking off???? The stock has been so
      beaten up lately, trading last week at its 52 week lows,
      poor earnings, poor management that bleeds large
      bonuses from the company, etc., etc.

      Only a crazy
      person would buy this stock now (IMHO).

    • little psun reached its high and won't see anything above 31 for a whole year!

    • You will find that on these message boards are
      about 98% crap, and 2% useful info. You can find
      someone that will say one thing, and someone that will be
      180 degrees different in opinion. That's the key to
      remember, everyone is stating their opinion. Never rely on
      info you get from these boards, but in time you will
      learn to spot things that are useful. Make some
      "practise" trades on sites that allow you to use play money,
      or keep track of your pretend trades on paper. This
      seems stupid but it helped me. IMHO (In My Humble

    • I can't say for sure, but Hibernia may be one of
      those you are looking for...what do you

      He has nothing informative to post, he uses
      profanity, and even worse, he calculates the number of posts
      people make.

      JMHO of course.

    • October 31 marked the end of the fiscal quarter
      for ZQK. When the month started, ZQK was trading at
      18+...we ended the month down at 14+...

      For those
      who think that ZQK had an outstanding quarter, think
      again. Last quarter, ZQK got slammed. This quarter, it
      looks like the same thing will happen. Unless ZQK can
      post "blow out" earnings, this stock will sit and sit
      and sit, going no where fast.

      Today, we saw
      some movement to 15, but this is by far anything but a
      "very bullish sign". Don't be fooled, no one is
      accumulating this stock...who would want to? There are too
      many other great opportunities out there with far less

    • Hibernia...If you would just do some research,
      you will find that the Quiksilver VP who headed the
      Roxy Division for the last three years DID IN FACT
      LEAVE and was hired by Wet Seal. Here's the link:

      Here's what you said: "Eddie_woulds latest
      bullshit/nonsense is his post indicating that the head of Roxy
      left. Nonsense. This shows his absolute lack of
      knowledge about this industry."

      As far as my friend
      EddieW37 is concerned, you have to consider the fact that
      he is losing over $500,000 on ZQK in the last few
      months. I would be upset too, so ease up on him

      Last thing, I'm certainly glad you're keeping track of
      my posts. When your clothes don't sell, and your
      stocks keep dropping, what better things can you do with
      your time other than count my posts. And you know I
      have been right all along.

    • Eddie_would accounted for 78 of 169 posts
      accounting for over 46% of all posts. Again, no posts on
      weekends and always late in the day. Bashing stocks must
      be his night job.

      EddieW37 is dead-on with
      his assessment of basher compensation. Fits
      eddie_would exactly.

      Eddie_woulds latest
      bullshit/nonsense is his post indicating that the head of Roxy
      left. Nonsense. This shows his absolute lack of
      knowledge about this industry.

      The head of
      DEVELOPMENT left Roxy. In a division, you have the division
      head, merchandising, design, marketing, sales, and
      development. Development is an executional role responsible
      for interaction with the factory to realize sample
      development. This is not a driving role as is merchandising,
      design, marketing and sales. And, it's certainly not head
      of the division as Eddie_Would so moronically
      indicated. Of course, facts are not important to a stock

      Eddie_would is a paid basher, if you listen to him, you
      deserve to lose money.

      I rarely read eddie_would's
      posts and do not respond to his posts.

    • Eddie,
      Wow, you have some serious issues with
      this ZQK! I have never been to the message boards for
      investing. I have recently decided to start doing some
      online trading for myself and wanted to get some info
      'from the people' who do this alot. I have read, over
      the last hour and half almost all of your msgs
      re:ZQK. I have to ask, is the ZQK investment worth my
      time? The posted messages from you are about 3-10 a day
      and vary from ZQK bashing to them walking on water.
      Like I said I have only just begun online trading, but
      it seems to me you put yourself through hell daily.
      By all means let me know if I should leave this to
      the pros or if months from now I will be living on
      the message boards discussing the stock options I
      have made.

    • Nice, large block purchases at the ask, all day. MM's dip down and pick up stop losses to acquire shares on the cheap. Someone is accumulating. Very bullish sign, glad I got in when I did.

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