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  • bill_68_90501 bill_68_90501 Nov 10, 1999 10:50 AM Flag


    What other company will replace a $120.00 watch
    with a $75.00 one and think they treated you fairly. I
    even have a letter from McKnight Jr. saying "we're
    sorry' and "we'll take care of it" Guess who's products
    I won't be buying this Christmas?

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    • That's if you are still holding this dog. See
      what happens when you listen to SPAMMERS like
      JOSAP...they have no clue. Cut your losses while you still
      can. There is no near term upside for ZQK, and ZQK
      will only drift further downward until another
      "earnings" hype is started.

    • Here's what you said in your message of

      "Yesterday I said we would see 22 by Jan 15. You say single
      digits. Lets see who is closer in a month.

      Well guess what, we are just 1/2 point away from the
      52 week low, and 3-1/2 points away from single
      digits. You say $22...not even close.

      See what
      happens when you SPAM a stock with no clue as to what's
      going on. You research consists of going to the local
      shopping mall and see what's on sale. You are such an
      idiot...I can't believe it.

      Take your losses, tuck
      your tail between your legs and invest elsewhere...ZQK
      is headed further down.

    • Mr Water is not the President of The Eddy_would _invest fan club.Do to a big fight to save the whale.Fan club needs someone that likes kids well done

    • Surferdude_72587

      In response ot your
      inquiry on ratios etc for the industry. You can find all
      of the information you could possibly need in
      regards to valuation on Professor Aswath Damodaran's web
      site at Stern (MBA NYU). The web site is

      This is a very valuable reference. Not only do
      students use this info, but a large number of analysts at
      top IBs. You will not find a better database for


    • I wasn't sure about this company when I bought it at $14. Now I am. The numbers confirm it. Surf�s up for Quiksilver!

    • Congratulations to all management for showing
      such incredible results.40% increase in sales and 48%
      increase in net profits? That would be the envy of 90% of
      all publicly traded companies. Congratulations. I
      hope that management gets huge bonuses. They all
      deserve it. I personally hope that the bonuses go over
      the top and on to star status just so Eddie could
      have a heart attack. He's seething with hatred and the
      madder he gets the higher the bonuses become. Get mad
      eddie, carry it around with you and enjoy your miserable
      pathetic life you loser.

    • I agree with you; time will tell. You have been
      wrong for months about the stock price going to single
      digits, but because a month ago I said it would go to 20
      you keep bugging me. Hey, I can't help it I missed by
      a dollar (it hit 19 today). I said that when the
      stock was at 15. Your prediction then was single
      digits. Who was closer? Yesterday I said we would see 22
      by Jan 15. You say single digits. Lets see who is
      closer in a month. Cheers!

    • ZQK will be hammered again and again with such
      poor numbers.

      JoSap: OK stock genius, if the
      numbers are soooo goood, why did the stock get slammed
      today? You have a month to keep on SPAMMING, then I'll
      be back to say "I told you so!".

      In the mean
      time, do something constructive like tell McKnight,
      Samuels and the rest of the Board that their performance
      over the last year earned a grade of F. Look at ways
      in which the company can improve. Otherwise, you
      will continue to see dismal results.

    • A/R actually has come down from previous qtrs. If
      you would look at the financial info from the last 5
      qtrs you would see that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd qtrs (of
      99) actually had higher A/R-to-Revenue. So you see,
      from last qtr zqk has actually improved their A/R. I
      admit that it is higher than last years 4th qtr, but
      A/R was at the highest in the last 2 qtrs which is
      probably why the stock has sunk. But this qtr seems to
      indicate a turn in the A/R-to-Revenue ratio. I have posted
      figures already, but you have chose to ignore them. I
      would expect no better from you.

    • The A/R increase, leaped twice as much as sales
      increase. Normally, shipments are made relatively evenly
      through the quarter. This is not a normal event. The last
      shipment for the quarter (August thru October) had to go
      out by October 31. The busiest month in this quarter
      is August, then September, and the slowest being
      October. These were not a Christmas deliveries. This was
      done to meet earnings expectations, pure and simple.

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