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  • surferdude_72587 surferdude_72587 Dec 13, 1999 2:54 PM Flag

    Everyone ignored my question

    Is the Billabong/Hurley situation old news or will it help ZQK's earnings?

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    • This company is the leading surfwear company, and
      has been since the days I first bought a pair of
      board shorts when it was uncool to use a leash. 20
      years out of college, and with 2 kids learning to surf,
      the company is still the leader in the industry. This
      is the "coke" brand in the industry, and the cool
      thing is girls love it too. All you pundits are bagging
      on the CEO, his vision, business plan and execution
      just dump your stock. The big boys know a winner when
      they see it. Go down to the beach and go out in the
      line up and talk to a few customers of the brand and
      get some real research. The CEO is the best in the
      industry, and the brand hasn't lost it's appeal out in that
      line up. Many investors who are in the board rooms of
      non-surf companies in OC only wish we had this strong
      brand as McKnight and his boys have built over the
      years. If you don't like the investment go buy some
      Ocean Pacific tee shirts.

    • you failed to answer the question that I posed to you--how do you know that the pre-shipped orders?
      many thanks

    • This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. As
      you know, ZQK books income at the time inventory is
      shipped out of their warehouse. If one wanted to increase
      income for the quarter, they would pre-ship orders, and
      book the income immediately. Although income will be
      inflated, so will the accounts receivables. Cash flow will
      be affected since ZQK cannot collect on the
      pre-shipped orders until after the date the inventory should
      have been shipped. If the accounts receivable numbers
      are unusually high, this confirms the fact that a
      large amount of orders were pre-shipped.

    • In a couple of prior messages you indicated that
      ZQK was trying to force its customers to take extra
      inventory off their hands at the end of the quarter. Would
      you mind telling me how you came to have this

    • More big buys today. That is almost assuredly institutional buying. That has got to be a hell of a wisper number to get this interest. Let's hope.


    • Eddie, zqk will post between .34 - .37 a share, you'll see. Only 2 more days before we find out who is right! Cheers

    • For me at least.

    • Either no one knows what the heck I'm talking about or they are too busy heckling eddie_would_short to notice my question.

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      • Re: Hurley and Billabong. The one who gets hurt
        is Billabong. Hurley took a lot of top line from
        them but they will come back to some extent.Billabong
        will never be what it was under Bob Hurley. As far as
        others in the industry are concerned I'd say that Hurley
        has taken a lot from the second tier, ie., Rusty,
        Gotcha, HIC and O'Niel. I also believe Hurley has taken
        some steam off of Volcom. Hurley's distribution is
        very scattered with Sport Chalet having rounders of
        the stuff all over the store.Hurley is having their
        DAY and has made great strides in their first
        year.They'll continue to put nails in the coffins of the
        second tier.There's my 2 cents.

    • Pull up a chart going back to 1996 and you will
      see that this stock seems to always reach a low
      around October/November then rockets up thru Aril/May
      retreats then hits a High in June/July. DECEMBER IS ZQK
      MONTH! Here we go!

      Out of my silence period
      (boycotting Eddie)

      Best Regards, daTRUTHjack

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      • I find it so amusing that eddie_would_invest
        suddenly stops posting after zqk gains 4.6875 in 6 days!
        That's a 32.9% gain. I guess eddie lost his pants on
        that short and covered before he was completly naked!
        Anyway, he said there was no accumulation but I and
        another person kept telling him that he was wrong. He
        didn't listen and is now seeing red on his account

        Zqk has had an excellent earnings record and will be
        rewarded for it soon! Retail's have gotten slammed, but
        should do well from now through at least Christmas.
        Contrary to what eddie said, zqk is not last in it's
        sector. It is actually far from it! Now is a great time
        to buy because we will see $25 in the next month.

      • Think $25 share, Think $25 share, come on Santa! Do your thing!