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  • franko2_99 franko2_99 Jan 5, 2000 9:54 PM Flag

    great overlooked stock

    this company has cleaned up alot of its problems
    and has great brand loyalty. who would have thought
    apple could climb from $15/share to over $100 4
    quarters later. for those looking to get in on
    quicksilver, now is an excellent time.. i would expect us to
    hit $30_ by summer

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    • La Jolla: I must visit the Boardriders NYC (SoHo)
      store about once every other month. Its
      and except the manager. She's outstanding, but the
      staff is terrible. The staff is, however, very
      knowledgeable about ZQK, and the incompetence in the company.
      Chat with them for a while...ask them how incompetent
      the restaurant guy really is. No one likes him, much
      less, respect him. They consider him a of
      McKnight's buddies who needed a job.

      The "look" of
      the store is also really "cheap". Not to mention how
      messy the store is. Trying to look like "GAP", but a
      poor imitation. Nothing authentic, or real surf. Have
      you noticed how high priced everything is? The Quik
      Jean/Roxy Jean Program was a total flop.

      line is no one is paying attention to what's going
      on....and it's reflected in the price of the stock. ZQK
      needs to fire the incompetent people working there,
      hire competent staff who know "retailing" and not
      failed "restaurants", and get back to the core.

    • I was in the NYC store today and as much as I
      hate to say it, the sales staff is pretty incompetent.
      Some chick chitchatting on the phone while people were
      waiting to be helped, a clueless guy at the cash
      register, four other employees hanging out together
      shooting the breeze. The bottom line is that you're not
      going to get GAP-like service from a bunch of dudes;
      that's the unfortunate side to the core lifestyle lived
      by the employees. They just don't give a rip about
      moving products. Again, I've been a big fan of this
      company and spent $100 there today, but the service was
      so bad that I won't be back any time real soon.
      After Roxy disappointed last quarter, they're putting
      their hopes in the Silver line, but there's stiff
      competition in the button down shirt market. Most people are
      probably going to Banana Republic instead of Quik, unless
      they're real surfers, of course.

    • Darren Barker of Wedbush Morgan has been
      following ZQK for a long time. He has the opportunity to
      meet and speak with the insiders of ZQK, and then put
      his reputation on the line. Not that I put much
      empahsis on any analyst, but in this case, you must
      consider the fact that even the most optomistic analyst
      around is not discouraged. Here's what he

      Wedbush Morgan Securities issued a Company Report on
      December 16, 1999 for Quiksilver, Inc.

      On December
      16, 1999 Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Darren
      Barker issued a 4 page Company Report on Quiksilver,
      Inc. Report highlights: 'The 2000 EPS estimate was
      lowered to $1.35 from $1.39 to reflect an anticipated
      decrease in pre-bookings for the company's crucial
      spring/summer season. The rating was downgraded to ATTRACTIVE
      from Buy to reflect slowing growth. The 12-month price
      target was lowered to $20 from $28 per share. The
      company is expected to generate earnings growth of 20%
      over the next three years.'

      OF ONLY $20. That's where ZQK was one year ago!!!
      What this means is that for 2 years, ZQK will just
      remain a loser for those who bought this stock. THIS IS

      Why...because pre-bookings are down (remember, ZQK pre-shipped
      merchandise last quarter which only magnifies this problem),
      and SLOWER GROWTH. The overall economy is booming,
      and ZQK is stuck in QUIK sand.

    • Eddie, my long lost friend. By holding on to this
      stock, you lost over $500K, in JUST 30 DAYS...not to
      mention what you could have made with the money...With
      the way the market ran at the end of the year, my
      guess is that you lost about $1M, or close to it by
      staying with this loser.

    • Robert G. Kirby; director bought 6,000 at 14.75. Bringing his holdings to 66,750: some one has faith! Good luck to all.

      EddieW : not to be confused with EddyWouldn't

    • Now that "the market" is starting to invest in
      companies with REAL VALUE ie. earnings...ZQK might finally
      get the valuation it deserves....unlike some of these
      tech flyers trading at 327xSALES.....
      The spring
      line is fantastic.