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  • Suedynm Suedynm Jan 20, 2000 9:30 AM Flag

    spring line

    I own a surf shop and I'll tell you here and now
    that THE SPRING LINE IS KILLER> Absolutely the best
    I've ever seen from this company. It is strong across
    the board and My store sell more of Quik than Hurley,
    Volcom and Billabang combined.Every surf shop owner
    knows this. Without a resource such as Quik we'd all be
    out of business.Thank God for Bob McKnight and his
    vision. Thank you for my home, my cars, my children's
    education and my fat bank account.

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    • I'm not saying that the quality is bad, just that
      they are made in "cheap labor" countries like everyone
      else. You are right in that Quik boardshorts set the
      standard for the industry. For example, they were the
      first to insist upon "triple stitching" in their
      boardshorts. Now almost everyone does the same. In the
      manufacture of merchandise, quality is something that cannot
      be compromised. The material, whether cotton, nylon,
      lycra, polypro or otherwise, they are basically all the
      same. Hence, newer designs and quality control become
      important. ZQK's current lines have suffered big time
      because their current season designs suck. Hence the fall
      off in pre-orders...IMHO (as well as Wedbush's

    • I wear Quik clothes and the quality is the best
      of any clothes I've ever worn. Trunks that last 10
      years, shirts that stay nice, etc. I don't care where
      they are made if the quality stays the same. If you
      have ever had trunks that fell apart after a few surf
      sessions then you'd know what poor quality is. And that
      would be Billabong and other short lived surf wear

      As for Hurley, they may be a big success in the
      future and I would buy some shares if they were public.
      But, they could very well be over extending with the

    • Look at the tags and find out where the products
      are made. Most are manufactured in Hong Kong. That's
      not to say that others don't, but as far as quality
      goes, they're all about the same.

      As far as name
      goes, I respectfully disagree. Right now, ZQK/Roxy is
      out, and the competition is catching up. What are the
      young guns wearing? Well, if Surfing Magazine has
      anything to say about it, its Hurley...look at their
      special centerfold pullout poster featuring Hurley and
      team rider Dan Malloy.

    • they would be just another specialty retailer and
      would lose all that makes them great. I would not hold
      their stock if they were to do so. I haven't been to
      one of their Boardriders stores but the concept
      sounds bad to me. I'm glad they are starting with only a
      few of them to see how the do before doing a ton.
      Smart management if you ask me. ZQK has superior
      product to Billabong, Hurley et al. Volcom has to give
      their stuff away to get the young surfers to wear it -
      they sponsor a lot of kooks.

    • Fiber optics is certainly a hot sector now, and I
      think JDSU is probably the best play. Currently trading
      at a fairly high price (around 225), but it will
      split again in March, so my guess is that we see 300
      before the split.

      Good luck.

    • Different strokes for different folks...or
      something like that. You may be right in that I have a high
      tolerence for risk. It is, however, a lot easier taking
      risks when profits are pocketed. Not to say that I
      profit on every trade, because that is certainly not
      true. I do, however, use as many tools available to me
      to make an informed decision. Sometimes you win, and
      sometimes you lose...but that's how the "game" is

      I don't necessaritly bash ZQK...but I am greatly
      disappointed in what they are currently doing. I voice my
      opinions here because it is, IMHO, the only way I know of
      for ZQK management to "wake up". If you can think of
      a better way, let me know.

    • Look at all of the big names...GAP, Abercrombie,
      Tommy, and yes, PSUN. Their growth model is based upon
      expansion of company owned stores by the hundreds per year.
      There is little argument that the 18-30 year olds will
      spend billions on clothing, which is the fuel for

      ZQK on the other hand, chooses to expand
      in department stores...which, IMHO, is small time.
      No control over product, no control over theme, no
      control over pricing. When an item gets thrown on a rack
      or table, next to Billabong, Hurley, Volcom, Rip
      Curl, etc., this invites price gouging and only
      cheapens the name. ZQK needs to get back to the core, and
      to do this, their only hope is to expand the
      Boardriders concept. IMHO

    • Thank you for your civil and considered response.
      I think that we can agree to disagree on methods,
      since we obviously have slightly different goals. Even
      though we're both looking to make money, I'm looking at
      longer term, lower effort, lower risk, moderate returns.
      You're more active, more risk tolerant, and
      commensurately more highly rewarded.

      It's true that if
      the whole market believes in TA, then the market will
      move according to its dictates. The market is nothing
      more than a consensus of what everyone thinks it
      should be. It's a longstanding discussion over on the
      rec.gambling.blackjack newsgroup (and economics in general) about
      expected value versus utility. TA may very well provide a
      positive expected value of a much greater magnitude than
      the buy & hold strategy. However, the risk profile of
      active trading is higher than buy & hold. In a less
      wordy fashion, you may make more money in absolute
      terms, but the additional dollars you make over my
      strategy aren't worth the additional risk *to me*. The
      incremental dollars are worth the risk *to you*, so you make
      the additional efforts and take the additional

      If we had the same marginal utility function, we'd
      be the same person. If not for these differences,
      there would be no market, because everyone would have
      the same utility, valuation and risk profiles, and no
      one would want to trade except for liquidity

      Vive la difference!



    • You say you look to cut losses and then move on;
      but it's obvious that you are stuck, stuck, stuck on
      your bash-mobile.
      Noted before you talk UP Pac Sun.
      They've been losing money the last month also. Why is
      that different?

    • I never ignore it because the rest of the market
      doesn't. Tech analysis is actualy much more important now
      with all of the momentum trading happening these days.
      When the tech analysis looks bad people start to sell.
      The horrible tech analysis of ZQK is very

      So I don't ignore the tech analysis but I don't
      always let it dissuade me from holding a stock with good
      fundamentals. I really doubt we will go into the single digits,
      but if so I'll surely double down!

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