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  • eddie_would_invest eddie_would_invest Jan 28, 2000 8:51 PM Flag

    Insiders NOT providing any CONFIDENCE..

    OK all of you ZQK INSIDERS...where are you?

    McKnight, Hodge, Crowe, Brink and the rest of you who
    flipped your options last year...why aren't you buying
    any stock now. The lone exception is Robert Kirby who
    bought a measly 6K shares @ $14.75 on Dec. 22. But at
    least he added to his position (now owns 66K). Charley
    Crowe and Harry Hodge own a COMBINED big fat "0"
    shares. Why don't you two guys just QUIT the board.

    MCKNIGHT...when are you going to buy a block of 100,000 shares?
    When the stock reaches single digits?
    confidence in the stock? Can't make any money flipping the

    If the Insiders are staying away, if the
    Insiders won't support the company, if the Insiders fail
    to show any confidence, why should anyone buy this
    stock. Think about it.

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    • More insider selling going on!!!!

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    • e mail to ZQK.(Hey, If you believe in what you say, why hide on the internet.)



      Home Phone


      Drivers Lic #

      Thank You

    • DaTRUTHjack wants the truth. The teacher says no
      cheating on your test Eddie. Please answer the folloing
      I slam ZQK because:

      (a) I was fired. I'm a
      disgruntled former employee.

      (b) I work for a slimey

      (c) I have shorted a ton of the stock

      Years ago I was shoulderhopped by a ZQK employee on a
      perfect wave.
      (e) all of the above.

    • my kids love quicksilver clothing which strikes a balance between very casual and chic. this company is way undervalued and an attractive candidate for a buy out. brand name, loyal following...

    • Let's not quibble over the's
      what was posted:

      "Wedbush Morgan Securities
      issued a Company Report on December 16, 1999 for
      Quiksilver, Inc..

      On December 16, 1999 Wedbush Morgan
      Securities analyst Darren Barker issued a 4 page Company
      Report on Quiksilver, Inc. Report highlights: 'The 2000
      EPS estimate was lowered to $1.35 from $1.39 to
      reflect an anticipated decrease in pre-bookings for the
      company's crucial spring/summer season. The rating was
      downgraded to ATTRACTIVE from Buy to reflect slowing growth.
      The 12-month price target was lowered to $20 from $28
      per share."

      Darren Barker's reports for the 12
      months in 1999 went from $34, to $30, to $28, and
      FINALLY THE BIG HIT TO $20. Oh was always a buy,
      even at $34. But those who followed his
      recommendations are LOSING BIG TIME. Did you see any insiders
      Buying during this period???? ONLY SELLS...ONLY SELLS.
      The insiders knew that it was time to get out!

      Who do I work for? That's a good question.

    • Eddie would - you keep bringing up Wedbush as if
      their analysis states that this stock is a dog (as you
      to a BUY. Got that? They're still recommending that
      you BUY the stock......Analysis on this Yahoo board
      has ALL analysts listing this stock as a stong buy or
      a buy.
      Who do you work for?
      Or do you
      Do you have ANY business related work experience at
      all? Any in this industry?

    • You two are made for each other. Trying to
      convince the other that notwithstanding anything else
      going on in the world, ZQK is still a "good" stock,
      even if the both of you are getting

      For once, look at the technical analysis. So what if
      the P/E ratios are in the single digits. So what if
      the company has shown growth, last year over the
      previous. Stock values are based upon projections, all
      historical info is factored in. How many months of this do
      you have to take for you to come to the realization
      that ZQK is just not worth it. The last two quarters
      have been disappointing. Not necessarily from a
      performance point of view (ie., historical data), but from a
      projection point of view. Obviously, the future doesn't look
      too bright. Don't take it from me, the street has
      spoken. Look at the stock price, down almost 50% from the
      quarter ending July 31. Since the last financials were
      posted, ZQK has dropped from 18+ to 11+. Darren Baker
      from Wedbush has analyzed ZQK for years. He was one of
      ZQK's biggest backers. Not any longer. Don't listen to
      me, listen to Darren Baker.

      You can't think
      of a better way to make money, why don't you just
      put it in the bank and get a guaranteed 2%. At least
      you won't lose any more than you're presently losing.

    • If he was in jail, then he couldn't be blamed for the "stealing" all of the shareholders money. EddieW37 was "robbed" of over $2M since summer. Do you think he should call the police?

    • Eddie - I'm wondering more and more what kind of
      real business experience you have; much less knowledge
      on SEC restrictions etc. with public companies.
      You've been hassling ZQK and Mr. McKnight in particular
      for not buying stock the last couple of weeks. But
      for someone who supposedly tracks this company, one
      of the basics you'd know is that their first fiscal
      quarter ends 1/31/00 - and no insiders are supposed to do
      any trading for a window of approx. 15 days prior to
      the close date and a couple days AFTER the press
      release of that quarter's financial results. That means
      that all the corporate execs. and board members are
      shut out from trading for almost a two month cycle out
      of every quarter (assuming that ZQK posts their #s
      approx. 3/15 - they're shut down this time around from
      approx. 1/15 through 3/17) How much other mis-information
      are you putting out there????