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  • capmktplayer capmktplayer Mar 22, 2012 5:24 PM Flag

    50 dollar target cant even trade in the 30's and its gone down

    Day traders shouldn't be involved in this stock. If you want to make a point or two and leave the game find another stock. FIO is for those that understand investing and that day to day share price can not be controlled and that the value of the company will show itself over time. If FIO traded $45 in 6 months would you be happy? That would be a 50% return in 6 months. You probably wouldn't be happy unless it went straight to $45. Let me know when you find one of those stocks that goes up every day. Traders should sell there shares and watch us investors make the real $s. here.

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    • not up everyday but as i said higher highs and higher lows is a must.the bottomline is that this is DOWN almost everyday..6 of last 7 and should have NEVER broken support @30/31 (which WAS resistance) you can say whatever you want but until this breaks through 34 its crap in my book and it wont do that anytime went to 33++ and couldnt get through...thats should have pulled back no more than 8/10 percent MAX which would be between 30/ went well past that.ENJOY!!!

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      • Learn about channels, and you will soon see why 30-31 was not real support.

        Higher highs and higher lows are good, but not a must all the time. Decent timing is a must, and sometimes you can be off. It sounds like you were off in timing (I was too because I wasn't focused enough on what I was doing), and are stuck to your beliefs and ways of thinking (ie. what is support). That's fine if you are comfortable, but realize that even strong buy stocks have to retrace a bit some time to gather more strength.

        Bottom line ... this stock sees 38-45 sooner than you think. :-) From what I can tell (my opinion only),if the stock can clear 29.90, it is resuming the up leg. It should clear this afternoon or after hours today.