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  • jlbhgb jlbhgb Mar 25, 2012 9:57 AM Flag


    2010 through 2013 revenue growth estimates from the brokerage firm closest to the company: $36m, $197m, $339m (e) and $527m (e), respectively. those drive growth rates (yoy) of: 257%, 445%, 72%, and 56%.

    he thinks margins will be restored to mid 50s and that those revenue numbers will prove to be conservative. so do we.

    his f12m price target is $50, same as the other key analyst in the sector.

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    • We just added 20,000 on a clean up trade. Too easy and see you all at $40.

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      • more proof that that your a liar.

        no big block trades occured this morning while i was tracking the sale on FIO this morning. what did you buy your so called 20k shares 100 shares at a time?

        there were very few block trades sold even at 1000 shares this morning.

        BS BS BS BS BS.

        you should realize that there are some people that use the tools provided and track the trades of this stock. so when liars like you want to boast that they bought 20k shares it is easy to look up and determine whether there is any truth to that statement.

        and theres not. you have been outed. lol lol.

        go stoke your liars ego elsewhere.

      • what a load of crap....your so full of BS.

        do you read what you post?

        every big money guy i know all say the same thing,,,,,,when asked if they check the message boards they say no, its a bunch of crap.

        "real" big money guys have much better things to do.

        you are a joke. keep trying to use this board to pump up your ego, the only one that believes anything you post is you.

        your moms calling you,,,she said you breakfast is done.

    • hey douchebag, is it difficult to repost everyone elses' information.

      try to come up with something that hasnt already been posted.

      i have read some of your posts and its all just crap.

      although i got the biggest laugh last week when you had a post saying you managed $100 million,,,,,when i stopped laughing all i could say was,,,,,people will post anything just to make themselves sound like they are somebody,,,when in reality they are just you.

      lmfao! total douchebag.

    • Who is HE and what is the BROKERAGE FIRM (and is the COMPANY FIO)?

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      • If you look back on this board a few weeks, I posted some details and all of the info was deleted. Others posted info on the firm and their info, too, was deleted.

        So I'll pass on mentioning names of the two firms with $50 price targets except to say they were both in the ipo syndicate and both are major players. If you know how to do even the most basic inquiry for background diligence, you ought to be able to figure it out even without going back on this board. LOL

        As for you doubting the veracity of my post? Do me a favor and put me on ignore, I hate wasting my time responding to Sforbrains who don't recognize professional competence when they read it.