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  • whatdidido1970 whatdidido1970 Apr 17, 2012 1:35 PM Flag

    too bad you cant break the 28.75 and close above it so SAD!! boo hoo

    boo hoo...Maybe i do know what i am doing after all.A MONSTER day in the market but just cant get the volume to breakout to the upside.Sorry guys..i feel bad.

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    • Wow - you truly are an Oracle! I can't believe you accurately predicted that FIO wouldn't break $28.75...I mean it would only have been a near 9% easy! My prediction for tomorrow is that GOOG won't close above $670. Let's see if I'm an oracle too!

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      • not my fault it need to gain that much because its such a turd it pulled back that far after its run last thursday and into friday morning.Your another that doesnt understand why stocks keep going up or going down.The close on thursday was 28.35 or so and the high on friday was 28.75 and then the stock pulled back and it dhould have.Now on the next run up PAY ATTENTION HERE... the stock need to sclos above thursdays close of 28.35 and also needed to trade OVER 28.75 (fridays intrad day high) and IT DIDNT in either case,Now your pos stock will go down.Sorry thats how it works..its not hard you just need to follow the highs and the lows of intraday prices and closes.Be an asshat all you want this is dead until it closes OVER 28.35 and trades OVER 28.75 and thats a FACT!!!

    • Yeah, up almost 5%. Horrible.... you are a sorry case for shorts.

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      • your still below last thursday run..dont you get it..Higher highs and higher lows are necessary for a run up.You dont get it just like most here.You need to break 28.75 because that was the high on friday and you didnt.Now with the market pausing your going down again.You can pound your chest about the 55 all you want ..your just going to give it back.This didnt break through were it needed to yesterday and thats all people that trade needed to see.This is going down.enjoy!! stock is a joke so is mgmt and the people that are long it.