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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Nov 24, 2012 3:54 PM Flag

    Why 22 of 26 largest Holders added last Q

    They ARE adding new clients "by the dozens". If you read the SEC file, you'll learn they just began working with China Mobile as strategic customer #3 after AAPL and Faceplant.

    You'll also learn that they have 25 new $1m+ REVENUE customers added during the last 15 months. As with AAPL and FB we can expect that once customers begin benefiting from 5-10 to 1 paybacks they will add additional applications/capacity. Customers are also just getting going on S2... MILES TO RUN HERE!!!

    And if you actually study the Company and its business plan and execution since the ipo, then you'll know they are just beginning to ramp up the corporate infrastructure and salesforce to expand beyond what they have for customers so far. The impact of that expansion process is that they will be able to handle more projects on a rapid basis vs having to do the prioritization we saw last quarter when they got Facebook's the second phase of FB's first of 8 new high end data centers done on an expedited basis last quarter.

    Macro? Smackro