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  • jaywillis420 jaywillis420 Jan 17, 2013 6:42 PM Flag

    INTC vs FIO

    According to INTCs latest earnings and conference call, INTC is having strong double digit growth in data centers and making chips for CSCO who is specializes in network and data. So if INTC is taking up market share in SSD technology for enterprise and data, where does that leave FIO? I suspect some savy firms got an early preview of the INTC earnings contributed to today's price action in FIO. What goes up must come down. All the lemming bulls who follow nonsense postings on these forums are CRAZY! I mean price targets of $30, $40, $60 are insane! If you take into book plus cash and 2x multiple, you are looking at a $18-$20 stock which is right where FIO trades back to when speculation over buyouts is not at hand. Anything over $20 is an over bid. If you are long at a higher price average down and when this stock bids back up again going into Jan 30, market it sell it between 3:30 - 4:00. Do your homework read the INTC earnings and transcript, don't be manipulated by posters like sqeezetracker (who I suspect is not a he but some fat lesbian chick) who work for firms and an only seem to reappear when FIO is green. The truth is while it is pumping this stock with nonsense, they are back handed selling it to retail and trying to "squeeze" every penny they can out of you.

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