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  • craigseller1981 craigseller1981 Jan 25, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    I am getting sick and tired

    I am totally convinced stock market is all about luck and gambling. FIO, SWKS, AAPL, CLNE, FNSR, OCLR, CLF .. whichever stock I am holding is going down. Its just will be easier to sell the entire portfolio and invest in S&P index.
    Up in the morning, down by close, down in the morning, up by close -- just a directionless pendulum

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    • Craig,
      I hear ya. Could not believe when the dotcom bubble blew that all the stocks I'd loved treated me so badly and all at once. This is not that event by a longshot, but it did teach me to diversify both out of tech and into different concepts involving tech. The argument for investing in index funds is that at least you can keep up with them market. The argument against it is the same, you won't EVER beat the market, which is a trader's goal.

      Apple isn't dead, just has shifted from being a growth story priced cheaply to a value stock priced cheaply. There are still plenty of shares that will change hands as growth people give up on that notion and value investors decide AAPL is safe. The suppliers you mention sell into the phone sector, which is still robust and they should recover, some of the others just have bright futures if the premise becomes reality. That is what investors do - sift through the many to find the few.

      Good luck.

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      • Adam,
        Although being emotional of the fact that my portfolio is going down at the same rate market is going up, I still have to be rationale over market valuation. As a CFA candidate I apply all the book knowledge to identify a company that can be sustainable going forward specially the growth sector. When I look back at my holdings, none of the companies are bad, its just they are out of favor. SWKS is a perfect example, not only it supplies for Apple but to almost any mobile handsets out there in the market and that should have diversified themselves. It almost earns $2 a share and trading at 10X earnings. So its mind boggling to see the companies trading at such low multiples.
        Whats mind boggling is, the entire sentiment is in the mercy of Wall St. They dictate the price regardless the company performance. ETF's and index funds are good, but it dont challenge you on an intellectual level to outperform the rest, which i have did over past 5 yrs and now stumbled since 3-4 months.

    • just went short the spy myself...

    • I do agree with you,same feeling here,hoping fio to go back to $30 soon. if EMC IS GOING UP,IT DEFINATLY will do so.

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