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  • sohubble sohubble Jan 29, 2013 1:02 PM Flag

    In 3000 shares at 19.70

    Been following for a while and was waiting to buy just before earnings. My price target was 19 and I still feelnit will get that fill by tomarrow. My feeling is that they will pump this stock during the earnings call and supply good guidance.

    How soes everyone feel going into earnings?

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • That's gonna be a painful $2500 dollar loss when FIO gaps down thursday morning, ya better use stops there pal

    • i bought in again at 19.65, after having sold an earlier position at 22.

      I continue to believe that this is a name you have to trade, you can't just be long and hope for the news to overwhelm the shorts. Much less hope for an M&A trade that may never come. Either you understand the company and its technology and want to be long, or you don't - either is fine.

      while i'm in at a reasonable price, this stock could go to $12 if they miss earnings. So the range after earnings is 12-25. handle with care.

    • I have 2000 shares at average od $20.40. Since this stock is way off it's 52 week high I think we don't need a stellar report. A slight beat and positive outlook we should go to $23-$24 pretty easily with so many shorts. A big beat and positive outlook $26. I am a bit worried about the margins. If they go down too much wall street won't like that. I did buy this stock yesterday and today because I am optimistic that we will make money after earnings. Good luck to us.