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  • mustangsny mustangsny Jan 31, 2013 11:23 AM Flag


    The CC was good and extensive. The last 2 qtrs they beat top and bottom line and still wall street
    kills them. They are gun shy as they said that they didn't know exactly when their big accounts would deploy or take in more product. The analysts insist on knowing. All they know is that they have contracts and will take it in but not in the way the analysts expect. The problem here is that they
    have the products and keep improving and coming out with new and better products and are clearly the leader in the field. Wall street does not understand just like they do not understand FB. It's OIL & WATER. In FB they Wall Street created a problem from the beginning with their greed and IPO pricing and now they throw blame and expect these companies to work miracles in 90 day cycles. They are clueless and should not be grading these techs. FIO is strong in Balance sheet, NO debt, still in development, great Y over Y revenues and starting to show some profit. This company will be taken out or will be in the 40-50 range witin a year. Not becuase of these idiots who are analyzing them.
    They have the products.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The CC was a pile... mgmt implies they're intimate with the big two yet had no idea they wouldn't be ordering 57 million next qtr???...what happens if Apple business continues to soften???... what happens if FB cannot monetize mobile to a meaningful level???... FIO's guess is based on a A/FB guess... dangerous things happen when you combine two guesses into one guess and then forecast an event... I was long this thing while holding puts for protection... sold out the long this morning and aggressively added more puts... after this short covering ends and the dust clears traders will realize that expected rev's have been cut basically in half, profit will turn to loss and the only thing to "believe" in is the word of mgmt that A/FB will return in 6 months... sounds like dead to down money to me...

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      • I am as in love with FIO technology as anyone...was in for 5300 shares...I took a terrible loss but I sold this morning...I can't leave that much capital hanging for 6 months waiting on two companies to decide that they will finally place an order...short interest will also be doing damage for months to come IMO. That the CEO stated that their products were so good, companies were holding off buying more was outlandish...who says that as an officer/salesperson for a company? I also can't leave that much capital out there in the hopes of an acquisition...sooo disappointed but for me, I had to let this one go for now...will be watching every move...good luck to all