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  • jaywillis420 jaywillis420 Jan 31, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    FIO's Future

    I am the only one on this forum who gave a detailed projection of FIO's future a month a ago, and had to call people like squeeze tracker/jddhdhhd/gumsterloon out, no one listened, all I got was flack. Well here is the new prognostication, for a revised projection, of a yearly short fall of less 100 million, a 300 million clip in share price is a bit over done. Fusion IO is a 18 - 20 dollar stock. Plus its reaching if not reached over sold territory for all the charities. If long and didn't get shaken out, there will be a better day to sell. As for me bought all my calls back, and sold all my puts, was strange , got less than I expected for the puts considering stock was down 25% to where I bought them at, dunno, options are rigged, price projection yesterday was a lot more lucrative. Greeks seem to magically change in favor of the seller. Guess it why media keeps complaining about the non transparency of the derivatives markets.

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