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  • papermoney_de papermoney_de Feb 1, 2013 1:37 AM Flag

    5 Presentations by FIO comng up. Stifel Nic,GS,MS,CS,Pcr Barclays.1st,on 5th Feb

    last on 5th march.Should bode extremely well for Fio.Here comes $25 .The HUGE vol yesterday says take TAKE OFF, all weak hands are out too by now.

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    • I have 1200 shares (avg 19.7) and hope you are right. I do not doubt their ability to tout their wares at a conference. I do not doubt the merits of the technology. I DO doubt their ability to EXECUTE on a financial plan. Top leadership screwed this up bad and I want them fired. That was inexcuseable. I am not angry with the shorts because clearly they did the right homework. No, Fusion did this to themselves. I want to see concrete action that measures are being taken to prevent this stupidity not a pump job at a douchebag investor conference, that means nothing to me.

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      • What did management do wrong?

      • Take a step back. All these conferences look to me like a merger and acqusition open house. The number of talks tells me something about investor interest. Look at the recent article on how IBM growth has stagnated, and how they need to acquire the likes of NTAP to get growth started again. I praise the management for stepping up and advertising their wares. I "praise to god" that they do a good job getting investors interested in continued talks (unless they think these other investors are a bunch of losers and only FIO has what it takes). I think the market has turned and the stock price is a bargain. (Caveate: I do not understand the ruthless minds of the billionare investors.) This company definately needs to be bought out by deep pockets to get the growth story going again. They cannot win on on their own when big pocket companies are looking aggressive to reinvigorate growth. They cannot be the last nand standing. The down side is that I am left holding the bag if the growth story is fiction. On the other hand, this may be the last time I will be able to invest like the millionares.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • " all weak hands are out too by now."
      Not true. I'm still in. My hands shaking like a hound dog passing a peach seed.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Might be a top 5 buying opportunity. Back to mid 20's in a flash.

    • Only if there are more announcements that provide visability during the period mentioned will these meetings be meaningful for most of us. For new investors you may have something.

    • Great company with a technology ahead of the rest in the group. Their fusion nand flash technology is being used by major companies not only to retrieve vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently but also for data analytics which is a big area to be in. Companies like Apple, FB, salesfore, oracle, IBM, HP,and many more in the future will rely on their technology to retreive data quickly and effieciently so that they could analyze the data to hpetitive advantage over their peers. They have increased the efficiencies of all companies using their technology and have reduced their costs. Right now they are ahead and others are playing catch up but still are not using their data technology for analytics like Fusion. They get what companies want.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy