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  • miketucker18 miketucker18 Feb 1, 2013 9:00 PM Flag

    So how many out there

    Are hung out to dry at 22? I have been in this stock for 16 months. ( I missed out completely on the November 2011 highs.) I did not sell but a quarter positions each time in the March and October highs. On the dips I replaced my full position. So who is still holding a full position and not real happy campers?
    Investors and longs, any thoughts? Shorts go hit the road…

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    • In the last two years this stock has been lower than this. It will come back it always does.

    • I have 2000 shares at average price of $24. I bought it for its new technology. The delay in the orders from Apple and Facebook was the reason for the bad forecast for the current quarter. If it is delayed, would not that be filled in later quarters. Also, lot of new companies goes through growing pains. When people are looking for quick bucks, they can lose on such deals. I believe the short term traders are out. Now we have long term investors. I do not expect this stock to make me money may be for next two years. I am willing to wait. I will write somwout of the money covered calls to generate some income. I stayed with SIRI through the merger and the following crash and I added since then. Now that is the best performing stock in my portfolio. I expect it will happen with FIO as well.

      Good luck to longs

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      • I owned a few thousand shares that I bought before earnings two quarters ago when the stock was around 18-20...sold at $32 and made really good money...problem was that I then started buying back around $27 and kept buying all the way down...until I had 5300 shares averaged at around $23. I sold all of my shares at $17.10. Lesson learned...I love the technology, but this is a not ready for prime time investment. I let my love of the technology cloud my judgement as to the risk involved. I think there is substantial risk in the coming 6 months for FIO and I'd rather invest my hard earned capital and make my money back elsewhere and learn from my mistake.

    • I have 2000 shares at $20.40. I bought before earnings and got burnt. Most research I did came up with a promising earnings report. It was good, except the next qtr outlook is what killed them. $137 million expected by wall street but FIO now saying only $80 million. Not good. Definitely worrisome. Now we have dead money for awhile. If we are still here next earnings and they don't reach this lower outlook we willl go to $10. So if Fio gets close to $20 I will be gone. Won't take a chance on another lower outlook or not reaching the 80 million for the next qtr becuase that will cause even a bigger drop in pps then this time. Good luck. We will need it.

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      • Thank you sir. Good answer. I figured the shorts would start dog piling on such a question. IMO this is a great company. It takes time. I can give you 2 stocks that I gave up on way to early. SWI and VMW. Back in 09 I owned VMW and set a stop loss at about 20 bucks, (2000 shares) The stock was trading at about 22 then the MM cleared all the stop losses out and that was the last time I set a stop lost. I use a mental one now. SWI and UTLA I'm still kicking my but for what was a good trade but could have hit a walk-off-home run, but didn't. Take a look at the history of those and you will see very a very choppy road in the early stages.

        NOW does FIO really have the game changing technolgy. I think it does...

        Good luck.

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