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  • skotlyarsky skotlyarsky Mar 15, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    Market Red, FIO GREEN........another reason why FIO is in an UPTREND

    obviously mm's know something. the fio pot is brewing. we havent seen this many consecutive green days in a while. something big will happen soon,brace yourselves. somebody is not letting this go down any more.maybe the shorts are slowly turning into longs.

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    • Hey, the fact that it had a minimal loss today and was green for a good part of it is alright with me. Most stocks were getting killed. If people don't believe that FIO will make up the last quarter and kill it this quarter, then continue to short it out. I'll be laughing collecting my cash. And a buyout in the near future....sure. This is the technology for the future datacenter, and a Cisco or EMC could go crazy with it adding it to their product line. Even Dell could use it to get them back in the game. No one had the technology that FIO does, their drivers and software is years ahead of anyone else. All these other companies just have to go through the motion of trying to keep up, and when they can't, FIO will be purchased. All software companies are eventually bought out. And for all you bitter debbie downers out there, rather than just post cute little ramblings and trying to be funny, how about some substantial data as to why they are going down. And yes, they have some very large customers. Think about that...they were able to get the BIGGEST online companies in the world to base their entire datacenter on FIO technology...that's huge. The problem isn't getting more customers, it getting them to not be scared to jump into such a cutting edge technology. Many of them are just waiting for FIO to fail, and since they haven't, they will start adapting as well. If they don't, they will be left behind. Spinning disk willl soon be for backup and archiving only. OCZ has been around forever....they have tried to compete, but they aren't even close. Again, Violin is not the same solution. Read my previous posts if you don't understand. And most of the other PCIe cards have no intelligence, just flash put on a PCIe card. Enterprise ready, no way. They would burn out in days.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Suppose up 0.30 percent or 5 cents is one heck of a good day for you Fusion IO longs.