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  • jeffreysauctions jeffreysauctions May 13, 2013 12:26 AM Flag

    Good FIO CEO article today in the Register-Flynn wasnt a "operations guy"

    Talks about how Flynn had no operations interest/skills

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    • What they don't seem to be saying is they finally got rid of the founder ceo like they always do with companies like this. If the new guy screws it up they'll probably ask the old ceo back. This story is as old as Silicon Valley. Goes all the way back to Steve Jobs and Apple. They even did it to Larry and Sergey.

    • Short stomp material. LOL

      Former Fusion-io CEO just wasn't that into operations, says new broom
      It's nothing personal, says Robison

      edited to fit yhoo constraints

      Fusion-io CEO and co-founder Flynn resigned because he didn't have the operational management skills needed to grow Fusion-io into a global business. That... is what we understand after talking to replacement.. Robison.

      First Robison... wanted The Register to understand that there is nothing wrong at Fusion-io, insisting the firm had no personal issues with Flynn, that the company is doing really well, and that it's not for sale: "There really is no story behind the story," he said.

      He said the background involved long-term planning for Fusion-io, against a future [with] multiple product lines... to be integrated, managed and operated... The company's infrastructure is going to be built out in Asia and this is going to require operational planning and excellence.

      Robison said: "It's really all about scale and how we grow the company."

      As the board collectively understood the operational skills and expertise that was going to be needed to grow the company, Flynn, it appears, realised this was an area he wasn't that interested in, said Robison. The new CEO said Flynn is brilliant at the entrepreneurial stuff but Fusion-io needed a more corporate and operationally skilled person in charge. So he eventually made a very hard decision to step aside...

      It wasn't about any profound strategic disagreement about Fusion-io's direction or strategy, says Robison, who added that Flynn was not ousted. The timing of David Flynn's decision was his, said Robison.

      However, it was not something that was co-ordinated with the quarterly business cycle. Wall Street does not like such surprises in public companies hence the drastic share price fall and the wild speculations that resulted.

      Flynn will be a personal advisor to Robison and, as a large shareholder, will clearly [remain involved].