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  • roxettewish roxettewish Oct 26, 2013 1:47 AM Flag

    Flyverse reports that Seagate is interested in buying Fusion-io and is in discussion

    to review the company

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    • Who and what is Flyverse ? do you mean flyonthewall ? I googled Flyverse and didn't find any thing.
      Someone on cnbc on Friday also mentioned Seagate / FIO merge as still being in play. Perhaps I was wrong and Seagate still needs to fill some holes via FIO despite announciing earlier in week it came out with its own storage solution ?
      FIO does have several different products but one needs to wonder if Seagate was going to bid on FIO why develop this Kinetic storage system internally. I would lean more toward one of the other companies like ECM or IBM making a bid now that Seagate seems to be working on own solution. That said maybe they still could integrate the other FIO products with this kinetic system. Anyone have any real insight on it ?