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  • bigspend0 bigspend0 Oct 31, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    Answser me this:

    Why would anyone be a stockholder of any new venture David Flynn starts up? After he ra%ped this company, who would trust the guy? I just read the article of his new start-up. He burnt FIO's stock holders real bad, and burnt investors have a very very long memory.

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    • Please help us understand what you're talking about. The stock was around $20 before the board apparently let him go and gave control to Robison. So how did he burn the company? He was shown the door. In the Baron's article you referred to he clearly said the problem was with his sales management. Obviously Robison agreed because he let the sales vp go. How did the sales vp screw up? Motley Fools just published an article stating customer concentration and implied the lack of a real third party sales channel. They relied to heavily on a couple of customers and their focus on direct sales. The combination of which is not scalable. And this is on the vp of sales. Flynn should have fired him long before Robison had to do it. That was probably what cost him the head spot at FIO.

      So again how did Flynn pillage the company? Not firing the ales vp fast enough? Not sure that counts as "he ra%ped this company"