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  • healthcaremark healthcaremark Apr 5, 2000 8:18 PM Flag

    Look at the numbers...

    $7/share x 63 million shares = $441 million.

    Several TV stations in hot markets recently sold for over $300 million each. Look at the value of the assets. I think this is SO undervalued. IMHO

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    • you have been so right its are one smart know this industry,like I know mine.....sorry I didnt believe you..I sure do now

    • It's not a good business idea if it doesn't make

      You pay too much for a bunch of stations with bad
      signals and terrible cable placement. Spend too much on
      equipment. Change your business plan every two years. Spend
      next to nothing on programming, promotion or selling.
      And target a group that no one buys (families isn't a
      advertiser group). What happens?

      You go bust!

      What's happening is what should happen. The market
      punishes the foolish. And Pax has always been a very dumb
      idea very poorly executed.

    • Re category...yes, PAX hits old people whether
      anyone wants to admit it or not. Madison Avenue wants to
      hit viewers that are making up their minds as to what
      toothpaste they want to use for the rest of their lives. Can
      you teach an old dog new tricks? Don't ask me...ask
      the folks on 5th Avenue. What about the family
      concept? Great idea but the advertisers disperportionately
      (?) reward a different demo. Is this fair? All is
      fair in love, war, and business. Did Bud have a good
      idea? Yes. Did it work? "Not according to Wall Street!"

    • 7 shows about 1.0
      Almost every show in prime
      time is close to that mark. It wasn't that way when
      they launched. F the digital access. Ratings are
      climing into UPN territory...that's good for us. If
      advertisers pick up on this, rev will increase.

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      • While the ratings aren't at the .2 level on the
        launch, it is still difficult to sell a 1 with a 55+dead
        demo. You can sell a .5 cable universe on the History
        Channel because the advertiser knows what he/she is exclusive male demo. UPN can sell a 1 due to the
        young sex/drugs/R&R demo they court.

        remember that it takes a long and steady sales process to
        sell the low numbers (you're selling trust and "we're
        gunna be around a long time"). The agency buyers are
        very sharp and don't like to see a turnstyle of
        station sales reps and an uncertainty of future
        ownership/ they are seeing with PAX. If your buying job was
        on the line daily, would you make a 52 week buy
        commitment to PAX? Wouldn't you want to wait to see what the
        NBC rep had to offer? The word is on the
        street--Madison Avenue.

        And that is why IMHO we won't see
        a jump in the stock until something other than
        ratings a movement with present