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  • downwithtiv69 downwithtiv69 Jun 14, 2011 8:37 PM Flag


    How does it feel being under water as usual? While your holding the bag and the pps keeps falling it will soon be time for the scam artist to rebuy shares for the next pump and dump. When the shares go up and reach the price you paid the scam artist will sell and make a good profit while you get very little or end up holding the bag as usual, god you people are stupid. Tiv never had anything and never will just a pump and dump stock. As long as there are investors like you that get played time and time again the scam will continue. I'm going to give you a clue just this one time .56 to .58 will be the next entry point, wise up!

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    • agree. i got out at .72 and was laughed at by these shareholders. i am not one to retaliate back but, tiv is not a long term hold stock. it is a trader stock. now the way the momentum is going, we are looking at under .60 tomorrow despite a rally in the market.
      longs should have already gotten out.

      unlike your prespective, i think tiv will bottom somewhere in the .50 cent range and then finally release some good news and rise again. i would not buy it yet though. too hard to predict.