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  • cer_89 cer_89 Dec 9, 2011 1:53 PM Flag



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    • It is an old joke ... so, I am not sure the significance?

      ... but I did realize, when I took my dog for a walk, it is Friday night ... so email IR tomorrow, or call on Monday

      Have a good weekend!

    • "Looks like he is trying to show Mr. Cunningham is collaborating with the short sellers to work against against the shareholders.

      How stupid is that....Mr. Cunningham would end up in jail."
      Why would he "end up in jail"? As long as he is not providing information to the Shorts, that he is not providing to Shareholders (i.e. REG FD) ... there is nothing illegal about Insiders not Buying Shares (even pennies from an All Time Low), down playing positive news, delaying news, and releasing news to the smallest audience possible (i.e. boring SEC Filings) ... it is the opposite of what you would want as a Shareholder, but there is no SEC Violation

      The Shorts (and Mr. Gamble with his 14% Secured Loan; soon to get Warrants and ORRI?) benefit by no positive news, or delayed positive news (especially for a Company desperate for Cash, and the Stock so low, Issuing Shares at this Price would be a disaster). There are always reasons to Sell Stock (e.g. Wedding, buy new car, Christmas Presents) ... and over time, old Shareholder burn out, give up, and Sell. News is what causes old Shareholders to have hope, Hold, and maybe Buy more ... and PR's is what attracts new Investors to Buy. If the news is buried in a 10-Q, three months after it happened ... it is a lost opportunity

      Look at the five Quarters of Restated Earnings ... they were all much better than were originally reported; YEAH!!! ... oh wait, it would have been YEAH, if it was reported when it happened, but better EPS month later; YAWN!!!

      It is mid-December, but we still don't know the Production from October. I complained to Tri-Valley, and asked why the delay? ... and was told they always File on time with DOGG, but they File by paper, and because of budget cutbacks in CA ... it gets posted when they get to it. I asked, since they know that, could they release a PR on the Production ... and I got no response

      I have emailed,and called, IR numerous times, asking why the minutes of the CC on August 22nd were released on August 24th, but the minutes of the CC on November 22nd have not been released yet??? ... especially since those minutes talk about the larger Steam Generator being turned on, on November 18th, the smaller Steam Generator to be turned on the second half of December, and the Richardson Core Results being available before the end of the year. The only Investor who know this, are the ones who listened, or were lucky enough to read it here, between all the garbage ... I have been told my request has been forwarded to Mr. Cunningham, yet 10 days after my first request, still nothing?!?!

      August 22, 2011, 4:30 PM ET
      Chairperson: Jenifer Kirtland (Mgmt.)

      If Management wanted more Investor to know all the positive things going on, or know sooner than legally required, they would issue PR's. Otherwise, we wait until the 10-K ... it is due mid-March

      P.S. I agree with Oiler_wins ... do not "TRUST" me. Instead, everyone call IR tomorrow. Ask questions, and ask for more timely PR's. Let them know Shareholders will not sit quietly (like the CC), or just bitch Ad Infinitum on some Message Board.

      Investor Inquiries:
      Jenifer Kirtland/Doug Sherk
      EVC Group
      (415) 568-9349

      Hope and Faith work in Church. They do not work on Wall Street ... unless they are Hookers, LOL