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  • geoisdaman geoisdaman Jan 23, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    STOP the proliferation of PKRHEDS!!

    C'mon SEC...ROUND UP each and EVERY TIV PKRHED..and their....drum roll please....ACCOMPLICES and CO-CONSPIRATORS (that would be Directors, Officers, illegal money raiser, video guys, long time accounting firm who signed off on certain QUESTIONABLE accounting, PR/dog & pony show embellishers ..IF ANY).

    I want EVERY bad guy/gal INVOLVED to PAY DEARLY (fines, long jail times, stripped of millions, etc) as us LONG TIME SHAREHOLDERS HAVE paid dearly by getting FLEECED FINANCIALLY by their CONCOCTED, PURPOSEFUL and INTERNALLY SANCTIONED NEFARIOUS DEEDS...IF ANY.

    Hey relax co-conspirator boyz...just MY humble opinion with no facts inserted, deserted or asserted....LOL LOL

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    • I got fleeced, I would like to see the SEC finish their investigation, I suppose that's on hold until after bankruptcy court, how convenient for management. Did anyone ever figure out why they gave Cunningham a raise before he actually accomplished anything? I have never seen a person run a company into the ground like he did..

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      • Ed, you say.."I have never seen a person run a company into the ground like he did"..Dude, it was ALL part of the "plan". You know, Bl'ys shell game was unravelin so he needed to get someone in there, WHO HE GROOMED FOR A YEAR BEFORE HE PUT HIM IN CHARGE, who would get HANDSOMELY PAID with BONUSES to follow ORDERS and FOLD UP SHOP so all the skeletons would STAY in the closet! They knew, NO SHAREHOLDERS would have the BALZ to say..#$%$, these guys purposely HOSED ME and I WANT REDEMPTION...DAMMIT... because just maybe SOME of those BIG SHAREHOLDERS who "control" the company do you say it...dirty too???? ;)

    • i told you to leave me out of this cyber bullying of yours while you rant endlessly Matt! and I mean it.....

      what's it gonna take to make this sink into your brain?

      i had nothing to do with anything regarding their INABILITY to run a firm even after they practiced for 40+ some odd years trying to. LOL.


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      • Ruuffenready..not sure where I mentioned you and /or what you did to CO-CONSPIRE to fleece the shareholders but perhaps you can show us where I did mention YOUR NAME or YOUR TITLE in my post, ok. If you think my comment about TIV PKRHEDS included you..well...IF THE SHOE FITS ..WHERE IT! Geez dude, a little defensive are you? ;)