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  • fence_jumping_berry_picker fence_jumping_berry_picker Oct 17, 2007 11:28 PM Flag

    Brine Slogging Mick


    How are YOUR red sox doing? How come you are not talking about how much money you have made betting on them?

    Poor, poor, potato eating Taint. He won't even be able to afford oatmeal after this embarassment of a series. The red sox suck. Put a fork in those losers.

    Now, Taint, I command you to hide. You see, Mick, when you make predictions on sports, you really should know something. You are a nerd who never watches sports and that is why you pick crappy teams like Boston to win. The same holds for your poor record always picking PeeSU to win and Ohio State to lose.

    Like most Irish, you are dull, vapid, and generally full of cheap Irish Rye.

    As humiliating at this post is for Sullu, 100% of what has been typed is the God's honest truth, and that is what is so painful for the Mick to swallow. That is why he drowns his troubles in cheap booze, cigarettes, and his hired male companions.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • My Red Sox are doing pretty damn good!

      Did you see that they are playing in the World Series?

      You said, "The red sox suck. Put a fork in those losers." "when you make predictions on sports, you really should know something."

      I guess your second statement does not apply to you.

      P.S. I won $25,000 on the Red Sox in the ALCS. I'm going to take it and re-invest in the World Series. Wish me luck!



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